hey @gretchenmcc I've got a "texting generation gap" question: how do I explain to my mom that ending a request with multiple question marks sounds like she's had to remind me multiple times and is frustrated, and that multiple question marks are therefore not a helpful way to end the initial request?

@DialMforMara @gretchenmcc My mom is a tech writer and big on understanding courtesy, so I would pitch things to her as being medium-dependent etiquette. (A good example being that the millennial “text before phoning” habit is an excellent rebirth of the principle behind 19th century calling cards, and is blunting the interruptive quality of a telephone call.) Would that be up your mom’s alley?

@mithriltabby @gretchenmcc Not sure. My mom just retired from teaching high school social studies, and I've always been a little scared to contradict her.


@DialMforMara @gretchenmcc I think presenting it as “here is new etiquette for a new medium” may be effective. What else to mention? ALL CAPS MEANS SHOUTING, which can be good if you want to show enthusiasm but otherwise restrained in use.

@mithriltabby @gretchenmcc I think she gets the caps thing, but she's also the kind of person for whom an ellipsis is a neutral way to end a sentence.

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