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I’m a longtime gamemaster for dice-and-paper games; I’ve written up a lot of my miscellaneous ideas at , which are free for anyone to use in their own games.

Tried the first couple of episodes of Aggretsuko. The cute red panda who vents stress from her office job by singing death metal is amusing, but I get the feeling that the next eight episodes will all be about keeping her in the horrible job without making any progress.

Mastodon : Twitter :: Mewe : Facebook? I joined as just in case it helps provide critical mass for people to migrate away from Facebook, but I prefer Mastodon.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the unbelievability of recent world events, April Fool’s Day is canceled for 2018.

Tootdon has been very crashy lately. Trying out Mastalab as a replacement, since multiple-instance support is a must for me.

"Why are the fish in your pond so much more cautious about surfacing nowadays?"

Have I forgotten how to hyperlink to other instances? Trying again: @mithriltabby

Another round of ? My main account is on because that’s where a lot of SF writers congregate and I read a lot; I post about books, cats, Zen, and software engineering whenever I think I have something worth saying. is where I talk about my dice-and-paper role-playing game projects. These are my cats Emma and Yeti:

Where are we going, and what are we doing in this handbasket?

Spring is here in Sunnyvale: the apricot tree is starting to blossom, as Emma is shedding her winter coat.

Monument Valley 2 is just as delightful as the first game, and a must-play for fans of M C Escher's art.

My brain: "A three day weekend! We can get so much done!"
My immune system: "I strongly endorse an agenda of napping and reading." *significant look*
My brain: "... I know better than to argue."

Wishing good health to all!

"I may look like I'm asleep, but I can follow your every move."

Common trait: they gotta supervise. Emma only snoozes in this nap pod when I'm reading on the sofa.

This stuff is essentially an alcohol extraction of cocoa beans. Tastes like baker's chocolate. The challenge: what to mix it with? Irish cream not so effective. Spiced rum fairly interesting, but I think there are better possibilities.