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Iโ€™m a longtime gamemaster for dice-and-paper games; Iโ€™ve written up a lot of my miscellaneous ideas at , which are free for anyone to use in their own games.

I got an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) booster shot yesterdayโ€” it had been thirty years since the last one, and my doctor thought this was reasonable timingโ€” and the injection site hasnโ€™t ached at all. Itโ€™s even less hassle than a flu shot.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the continuing absurdity of current events, April Fool's Day has been canceled for 2019.

I'm still pretty early in the first episode of Ice Fantasy and while the CGI is pretty obvious, and they're taking time setting up the plot, the costuming is quite intricate.

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Did you check out the Magic Wheelchair booth? GO. DONATE. They build fantasy rigs for kids with wheelchairs at no cost to the family. They are MAGIC.

Toys of kaiju giving apologies for destroying cities. Godzilla: โ€œVandalismโ€. Ghidorah: โ€œAggressionโ€. Mechagodzilla: โ€œImitationโ€. Hedorah: โ€œI apologize for nothingโ€. (via

who called it "dabbling in things man was not meant to know" and not "cracking open an Old One"

(full credit to @deerful and @darius for inspiring this with comments in their Too Much Not Enough episode about Rimworld)

Watched the pilot episode of Miracle Workers and with good writers this could be a good prelude to the Revolt of the Angels, but somehow I doubt weโ€™re going to get PARADISE LOST here. Rereading Steven Brustโ€™s TO REIGN IN HELL would probably be more fun.

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