Stylist parted my hair on the wrong side and put some gunk in it and it’s kind of fun actually

My friend is going to save the oceans. Listen to her confessing her love for the seas that keep us breathing!

I'm genuinely moved that a number of you have joined my Patreon since I posted my pinned thread. I am going to do my best to make it worth your while. Thank you so much.

When we hear "I'm a hard person to be friends with" or "I'm not boyfriend/girlfriend material" can we stop mentally translating it as "Only the best can get in - challenge issued!!"? Life isn't a video game: harder fights don't always issue larger rewards.

Interesting how rumination is just one letter away from ruination.

Reminder to those just tuning in that my Great Twitter Purge is on Sunday, and thereafter this will be a more "professional" account. The more personal/vulnerable stuff will be shared on Patreon or outside of social media. See pinned tweet if you need more explanation.

This is so important for new writers to understand. Publishing is a bloodsport and it will come for your feelings, so don't invest them in publishing. It's a business, so treat it accordingly. (Writing is different; there you need all the feels. But you gotta separate the two.)

mom and her son came in to get meds, the son was dressed as link, and i totally made his night by referring to him as “the hero of time.” when i handed him his prescription i said, “it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” he even held it up like he’d just found it in a chest

“You’re less likely to get knocked down when those hits come, if you remember that the publisher is not your friend. They’re also not your enemy.” nailed it, y’all should subscribe.

I feel allll of this.

JOB ALERT: are looking for an experienced writer with experience of/interest in building player-driven RPG experiences to work on an ambitious, narrative-focused title based on a brand new IP! ✏️

Could that be you?

Take a look:

What I adored about was his constant role as loving teacher. This summer at the height of racist, vitriolic attacks on him and his beloved Baltimore, the Chairman kept focused, holding a hearing on childhood trauma and our responsibility to nurture all our children.

"Isn't the place where they used to call us slaves? ... When I think about you being sworn in, now I see what I could have been if I had an opportunity."

Elijah Cummings on his father's tears while being sworn into Congress.

All these wonderful incoming suggestions on how to relieve stress today, and strangely what accidentally helped was just sending a couple of emails assisting a very nice woman in getting her late husband's work potentially translated and re-released. Life is funny. :)

Happy birthday to Dr., the first African-American woman to travel in space, who would begin her communications to with "Hailing frequencies open." She also guest starred on .

So yeah, this is a pretty deep crisis, and reading is tied into it, so I haven't been able to do it for ages. And finding one type of book that somehow escapes this cycle of guilt and just... tells me a story... it's been a relief. So, thanks, historical romance writers. ❤️

I've been trying to find other ways to make money, but I'm stumped. I don't want to keep being someone's dependent, but I also don't want to keep taking up slots on publishers' release schedules when I don't have anything new or valuable to say that I haven't said already.

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