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Beauty is truth, truth is deleted tweets

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The best part of being an adult with your own money is that you can just decide to order a cake from a local bakery for delivery for no reason other than you wanted a cake.

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I love fiction that acknowledge and makes use of the medium in which it is told. Movies that celebrate being movies. (Example: The Muppets). Stories and novels that do things you can only do in text.

When I ask for song recommendations, I want one really perfect one, maybe two. If you give me a whole playlist you're asking me to stop everything for like an hour. 🤣 I know, it's odd. But it's real!

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I'd love to know all the songs and bands y'all know. But I just don't have the time. :(

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Music isn't background for me. And so, weirdly, it's my intense love of it that makes me less well-versed in it than most. I can't just have a constant playlist going, discovering new stuff, music all the time while I drive. Music is What I'm Doing, so long as it's playing.

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Both these rare quirks I share with my father. He and I would sometimes make random remarks to each other about the lyrics of a song playing in a restaurant, and everyone else at the table would be baffled by the seeming non sequitur.

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This is one of those things, like my enjoyment of rising early, that I just rarely find in another person, and so when I do it's weirdly affirming. It's nice to know it's not something *wrong* with me like so many of my other traits; it's just... a thing. A quirk.

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If a song does not have words, I can *choose* to have it on while I write if it matches the mood as perfectly as soundtrack to a film. But I can also simply sit and listen to instrumental music and do nothing else, for a half hour at a time, easily.

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Was discussing with friends recently how I lack the ability to listen to music *while* doing something else unless it is something purely physical like working out or dancing. Music always occupies the entirety of my mind, especially if it has lyrics.

Sometimes randomly I share my YouTube Happy Places. I went back to this fave today (the woman in the striped dress in the front row is pure sunlight for the soul).


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this IS helpful to remember, thank you dictionary

Sometimes I think about the fact that everyone but me knew Avengers: Endgame was a movie in two parts, and Matt didn't know I didn't know, resulting in my having a psychotic break after the Part 1 credits rolled and everyone just casually walked out of the theater like "whatev"

P.S. My baby has now been born, and it looks like a baby, and not like the fruit of some unholy congress between an iguana and a raisin.

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Hello. I am giving birth in a movie. My day was going very normally until suddenly: GASP! It's TIME! Jim better floor it and run all the red lights so this baby doesn't zip out of me like a weasel on a waterslide before we get to the hospital!
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Hello. I am an author on a television show. My agent stops by with baked goods and is also my best friend and the book I wrote last month is now published and a best…

Matt got the girls little plush cat toys that can be happy cats or turn inside out and be grumpy cats, and the 8yo came up on her own with the idea of setting hers on her desk to let us know of her mood before we approached.

A+++ everyone should have a Mood Alert cat.

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There are many areas in which you should care what teenagers think, because they're great and thoughtful and also because they're people

But if you, an adult, care enough about what teens think of your skinny jeans to write a song about it,,, maybe take a breath?

The lotion bottle in my kids' bathroom says EXTRA HEALING so I am currently slathering it all over my psyche

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