I could write 30,000 more Arcadia Project novels and still never present a better inside view of borderline personality disorder than the Sheryl Crow song "Strong Enough."

A lot of good answers, but I think this wins the Pettiness Prize.
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@mishellbaker A mid 90s point and click adventure on CD. I couldn't be bothered to swap disks.

Gamers: what's the pettiest reason you've ever stopped playing a game (and which game)? I'm talking genuinely petty reasons, not legitimate offense at content.

My example: Greedfall, because they made me hold W down to move forward.

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recently I heard a science fiction story on a podcast in which the narrator, early on, says that, just like in the ocean, if you're stranded in space in a suit you'll die from the cold before you die of hypoxia

I would very much like this incredibly wrong idea to die a death

In the last two months, two young people I know have died unexpectedly of unknown causes. I'm not trying to depress anyone, but please, don't take anything or anyone for granted. Please don't fixate on small stuff. Life is so short. And we never know how short.

Baize was one of the few people I always felt safe approaching at conventions and knew I'd be welcome. I'm devastated and can't imagine what his family is going through. No money is enough, but any comfort I can provide, I must.

Funeral Services gofundme.com/f/funeral-saervic

If you could have the original of any painting hanging in your home to look at every day, which would you choose?

Me: Alex Janvier's "Alberta Rose"

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@mishellbaker I read somewhere “What other people think of you is none of your business.” It reminds me to stop reflecting on and trying to figure out other people beliefs of my worth, accomplishments, etc.

If there's anyone on here who knows as much about breaking into screenwriting as I did 20 years ago (and as much as I currently know about breaking into novels) drop me a line? Not my 1st rodeo so not asking for hours of 101; have 2 extremely targeted questions re: 2020 market.

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@mishellbaker Building yourself a safety net when you leap for your dreams does not show doubt but wisdom. Maybe you can think of it as a trampoline.

How did I not remember this?? 😍Nabokov 😍
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@mishellbaker Do you know Nabokov's reversal of this? The beginning of ADA (in the first of many reversals on his antiterra) he 'quotes' a famous Russian novel: "Unhappy families are all alike, every happy families are happy in their own way". I think Nabokov was right.

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'In real life, war doesn't have a happy ending' is true and fair, but I think real life is a strange thing to evoke at readers of a series in which people turn into, like, hamsters and shit.

What is a small bit of wisdom life has taught you that has been helpful when shared with others? Pass it on.

Me: happiness != absence of failure states, and therefore happy families are NOT all alike. Sorry, Tolstoy.

I'm sincerely hoping we won't have to refinance said house to fix said house, but either way, I can't go five feet in this city without encountering someone sleeping on a sidewalk, so perspective is a thing.

This was not a time in my life when I needed an additional complication, but honestly, although I freaked out for the first 12 hours now I'm just reminded that having mold in my house means I have a house.

Matt made visual mold confirmation, so for now we are moving my desk into the front foyer type area. Contractor comes on Tuesday.

So true of every type of neurodivergence!
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The main thing I've learned about ADHD is this: *accept* the symptoms, *manage* how they impact your life.

Example: I'm impulsive.

Okay cool!

Given that I'm impulsive...

--In what areas is that an asset? Use it!

--In what areas is it a liability? Put safeguards in place

Is it weird that I sort of HOPE that smell in my office is mold so that if we get it taken care of a bunch of my recent symptoms might potentially go away??

Okay, contractors are being called, and I am super done talking about this, so I'm gonna get off Twitter for a while and go somewhere that doesn't stink. :)

So given the data (this room only) and that the only thing this room has that the others don't is a really gross water stain all down one corner, mold seems extremely likely.

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