This is my favorite part of recovery, where I get so happy about being able to feel happy again that I find myself in a ridiculous upward spiral.

The wind shakes the leaves, commendably restrained,
more in playful fashion than in furious pet.
Time is in tender mood, ready for summer
in the late cold spring.

The minute you stop feeling defensive ("wtf, *I'm* not the problem!!!") when a category of people you belong to gets slammed--the minute you instead start nodding and seeing the point--that's when you actually BEGIN to stop being the problem.

"I want y'all to understand that you can fuck my day but ain't nobody can stop my life"

I will never regret having kids with him, and I'll never stop wanting to spend time with him. I don't have to have to have romantic feelings for someone to be utterly and eternally devoted. I just have to see who they are and be blown away.

All of those things about Matt are rare, but the first two shouldn't be. The quality about him that goes far above and beyond what we have any right to expect is his relentless commitment to making himself and everything else around him better. That, to me, is heroism.

Matt IS a hero. But not for seeing a mentally ill family member as a whole and valuable person who adds to his life. Not for being present for the kids he fathered. That's just basic decency. Matt is a hero because he looks inward at himself and never stops trying to be better.

6 days out from this goal, and it's still looking good as a target. Things are moving forward, here.
Okay, I'm calling it: by June 1st I will be fully functional* again. I'll tidy up the things I let get disordered and dusty this past 2 months, and I'll start moving forward again.

*Mishell Baker version, YMMV

( •_•) (•_• )
( ง )ง vs ୧( ୧ )
/︶\ /︶\

My desire My fear
To reach Of annoying
Out to them

Skimming Twitter, saw "Most ghosts are careful about accuracy" and was really disappointed to see that it was a thread about ghostwriting :(

I'd rather have friends who constantly signal their virtue than friends who have nothing to signal about.

DID YOU KNOW that the vast, vast majority of people with Tourette Syndrome do not involuntarily curse? Also it's Tourette, not Tourette's.

Don't bring me flowers. Don't bring me candy. Bring me a fresh notebook and a bouquet of brightly colored pens.

11yo: Let's go out and buy notebooks.
Me: Didn't I just buy you a notebook?
11yo: Yes.
Me: So.
11yo: I don't physically need a new notebook. I emotionally need a new notebook.

I am the horse in the first video for SO MANY things right now, so I find this very inspiring.
A lesson in practice and perseverance.
Watch all videos in the thread.

I do acknowledge, though, that if their husbands were also disabled in any way, then people would see them as martyrs, but that’s a whole other rage-thread. Anyway, good morning.

But it never ceases to amaze me how heroic and martyred Matt is seen for taking on what literally every working mother I know (besides myself) does thanklessly... and with guilt that she hasn’t done more. It sucks.

My executive function difficulties and my weird zero-responsibility upbringing are the reason my co-parent and I have largely switched gender roles here. I’m working on this in myself, though, because I’ve been socialized to feel guilty about it.

This is not my reality, but I want all my hetero-married (or aspiring hetero-married) friends to read this, because I hold in my rage about it every time I hear about your lives.

The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic

I am soft and gentle, but you know who else was soft all over? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and he smashed New York. QED.

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