Ok fellow Bioware trash, how is it that none of you have made a Solavellan video to "Come Undone"? I feel like y'all have really dropped the ball here.

It's always fun having juuuuust enough rationality to calmly notice your own irrationality while you carry on being irrational.

I know intellectually that this is dumb. But my Emotion Mind has been kind of a tyrant lately, so I'm looking for any tricks any of you have used to get yourself into a place where you have both hands on the wheel (reason + emotion) a bit better than I currently do.

Another data point: I feel a sense of -fear- about stopping doing whatever the thing is that's making me happy. I'm remembering those long stretches of months and months where happiness just... wasn't a thing, and I'm afraid if I let go of happiness, I won't get it back.

"Just do the thing" really really doesn't work. I know, I'm living with a guy who says it constantly. The brain is a TYRANT. Without some very urgent external physical motivator, I am having trouble making my brain Do the Things. So, advice besides "just do it"?

I've been alternating between "too sad to do things" and "too happy to do things." (Yes, that's a thing; if you've ever had an infatuation or an addiction you know what I'm talking about.) But I really want to get things done. Any advice?

I mean, this is essentially how addiction works, it's just that I'm not addicted to any particular chemical, I just display addict behavior around anything that makes me feel happy. Stuff isn't getting done, and it's not because I don't have time.

I have a mounting to-do list, and my executive function is either decimated by depressed mood or I'm utterly consumed with something I've found that has given me THE HAPPY FEELING??? And almost afraid to look away from it for five seconds.

So, a cycle I've been struggling with since the end of 2016 is that, because my "borderline" emotional reactivity has been giving me such a brutal beating in reaction to, you know, *gestures at everything*, when I find something that brings me joy I fixate on it.

I'm trying to train myself to stop thinking that it's "either/or" -- that I have to either be a Good Adult Productivity Machine OR have all the fun. I'm trying to tell myself, the fun is still there, it's on its way, and switching to Work Mode for a bit won't change that.

Hmmm. I think I'll go with "Dessert's in the oven." If there's a thing I REALLY want to do, I am going to tell myself I have to let it finish "baking," and while it bakes I will take care of something I don't want to do. Once the thing is done, dessert is ready!
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Morning neighbors! The motto for this week is "five minutes" wherein I try to reclaim my lost motivation by promising to spend at least five minute…

All those videos where the cat is being petted and then "inexplicably" attacks the person's hand... I was counting down the whole time to that.

I become very uncomfortable when I see videos of people petting cats the wrong way and not noticing the cat's unhappy body language.

Hey, friends. Nature defaults toward territoriality, greed, selfishness, unthinking use of force. That these things sometimes do NOT happen is the headline. That at least some humans have found another way. Find those humans, keep them close. Together, make things happen.

I feel that on people's birthdays we should talk about them the way we usually wait to do at their funerals. This is my contribution toward this change I'd like to see in the world. Thank you for reading.

Amusing anecdote; she actually sent "Ghosts of Bari" to me before it got sold saying "You're good at feels; I don't think this has enough feels in it, how do I make it feels?" So I read it and emailed her back with what was left of my shredded feels like IT FINE THUMSBUP

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