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Hi, I'm Misha. I'm , I live in , make bots, love , and am a writer and editor. I have two and one child, all of them teenagers.

I recently published a cookbook about accessible cooking, and sometimes I talk about , allergies, , and . And , I guess.

I'm bad with languages, but am slowly working my way through lessons.

I'm not fun at parties, but I bring snacks.

LRT It me! I don't always identify with my bots a whole lot, but genderbot has better odds than the rest, I think, and that one--yeah. I can be that one.

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The gender today is the smell of leaves burning and sound of thunder in the distance.

birdsite, homophobia 

I posted that saltzman interview to twitter yesterday, and it went...not viral, but more widely than I expected, and tipped over to the point that there were a half dozen or so people spamming me with homophobic abuse.

I know that it's stupid to get worked up about it, and this is neither the first nor the last (nor the worst, honestly) time this kind of thing has happened, but I'm feeling raw and isolated and sad. Not, I realise, entirely bc of this, but it didn't help. :/

I have a list of Productive Things I really need to do right now, but all I want to do is sit in bed and knit while I rewatch historical farm shows.

on the bright side, being anxious puts me right to sleep, and releasing things always makes me anxious, so guess who's got two thumbs and is gonna sleep like a log!

and is also up way past their bedtime and should go to bed

Hey, pals, I finally did the (terrifying) thing and wrote *and released* a pattern!

So, um, if you're a person who wanted to make these socks, now you can! The pattern is $3, and using the code $1off will get you--surprise--$1 off until 24 Sept.

Great news: I'm slightly fuzzier now, and feel better about the world.

Ok, it's afternoon, and I've got today's bread rising, and now productive, somehow. Or I could cut my hair, which isn't *productive*, quite, but would be more immediately satisfying...

I'm in bed, and the heat has finally broken here, so I'm comfortably under an (empty) duvet cover *and* a sheet. The car has decided it's chilly enough (16 out right now, and that's as warm as today is getting) that she wants to come leech my body heat and is pressed against my hip.

My joints are aching from weather whiplash (two days ago it was a high of 33) but I'm so pleased with the cool!

One of the weird things about Mastodon for me is that prior to this, I've almost always done social media wrong--following people I knew from elsewhere, and friends of friends, but very few people who I was just following because they seemed neat.

I'm afraid, now, that I'm not recalibrating my interactions well enough for the many people who I think are neat and am following here. Please nudge me if I'm doing things wrong with you! (Great, new and exciting different ways to do things wrong.)

I've spent all day listening to this new Hozier EP on repeat. I'm not sure that it's making me more productive, but it sure seems to be settling my brain some. The last few days have been...rough.

Shocking no one more than me, I think this pattern I've written is almost ready to be released?

I'm surprisingly, bizarrely anxious about it--I released a cookbook last year and didn't even blink about that, but apparently I'm far more emotionally attached to a pair of socks. /o\

It's been pointed out that @biupdatebot is here, too, so mine might end up getting nerfed--seems like letting an actual bi person run things might be better.

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Also, just to clarify because it always messes people up, I'm not bi. I'm a cranky queer dyke who made bibot because so many of my friends are bi, and one of them asked if someone could do the thing, so I did the thing.

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Queerstatus was really meant to be an exploration of my fairly complicated feelings about my own identity, but people on the birdsite got so upset when there were negative adverbs in the mix that I culled my lists pretty aggressively, and now it's just status updates. Which is still kinda disappointing, if I'm honest.

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I can never decide if trope roulette or gender of the day is my favorite child. I really like the way that trope roulette is basically commentary on media tropes and the ways that we use them, but I also appreciate feeling like genderbot just really *gets* me.

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Ok, that was so much less painful than I thought it would be! Huge thanks to @boodoo for Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet! without which this would've been infinitely more complicated and shitty. Someday I'm going to self-host my bots, but...not any time soon, probably. Hashtag the biggest slacker.

Anyhow, , since I know some of you are into this:

bot: @bibot

bot is also here: @queerstatus

bot: @genderoftheday

And my bot: @troperoulette

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