Realised my CPU cooler wasn't working right, re-applied thermal paste, re-seated cooler and fully snapped a mounting screw in the process... somehow running 25°c lower despite this. Yay, computing!

Finally uploaded Part 2 of my Windows 98 machine exploration, cleaning and upgrade:

If your ideology doesn't put the worst off among us first and foremost, your ideology is a piece of crap.

After valuing my current somewhat outdated PC and settling on £500 at todays ebay prices I decided to throw together a PC Parts Picker list of what I would buy new today around that budget:

Moar cores, threads and RAM would make this a better workstation than my current rig but going team red for GPU would probably produce slightly worse gaming performance in some scenarios.

Rendering a new video! Really getting to grips with my workflow using Ubuntu Studio and Kdenlive.

The .org TLD is at risk. It's being sold to a private equity firm, which likely won't end well. A lot of non-profits (including the US Girl Scouts!) have signed a document protesting this.

#org #tld #SaveDotOrg

There is a special place in hell for people that do not group the digits of their phone numbers correctly...

Very disappointed Frozen 2 does not have the subtitle "She Couldn't Let It Go..."

First "proper" video is live!

Come watch me exploring a well preserved olden days machine...

Activating my key!

There was a lot of drama around the exclusivity, some of which is totally justified but I have to say the Epic UI is nicely uncluttered and pretty good looking.

Smoked some naughty cigarettes and threw together a trippy camera test:

The channel has begun. Proper videos coming soon™ ...

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