Realised my CPU cooler wasn't working right, re-applied thermal paste, re-seated cooler and fully snapped a mounting screw in the process... somehow running 25°c lower despite this. Yay, computing!

Finally uploaded Part 2 of my Windows 98 machine exploration, cleaning and upgrade:

If your ideology doesn't put the worst off among us first and foremost, your ideology is a piece of crap.

Third party software being integrated with mobile games to learn everything about you (location, when you play, how you play, how expensive your phone is, etc.) in order to show a personalised price at a personalised point in-game to to make it as likely as possible that you'll pay for that extra life or that cool new weapon?

Just lovely

After valuing my current somewhat outdated PC and settling on £500 at todays ebay prices I decided to throw together a PC Parts Picker list of what I would buy new today around that budget:

Moar cores, threads and RAM would make this a better workstation than my current rig but going team red for GPU would probably produce slightly worse gaming performance in some scenarios.

Rendering a new video! Really getting to grips with my workflow using Ubuntu Studio and Kdenlive.

The .org TLD is at risk. It's being sold to a private equity firm, which likely won't end well. A lot of non-profits (including the US Girl Scouts!) have signed a document protesting this.

#org #tld #SaveDotOrg

There is a special place in hell for people that do not group the digits of their phone numbers correctly...

Very disappointed Frozen 2 does not have the subtitle "She Couldn't Let It Go..."

First "proper" video is live!

Come watch me exploring a well preserved olden days machine...

Activating my key!

There was a lot of drama around the exclusivity, some of which is totally justified but I have to say the Epic UI is nicely uncluttered and pretty good looking.

Smoked some naughty cigarettes and threw together a trippy camera test:

The channel has begun. Proper videos coming soon™ ...

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