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Fun to have family to visit, but Damn Me, it's disruptive to writing!

Battling the evil googleapi once more. Sigh.

Please, web devs, don't make your apps phone home to The Goog all the time.

Getting to a point where Word Count is getting indeterminate, what with revisions, deletions, backfills. No longer a reliable indicator of progress.

More Experienced Writers: Is this a normal stage in book development? Feels a bit frustrating.

Weird heist in Reigate by feisty deists.

Sorry - had to get that out of my system. Now let the day's wording begin!

1300+ words up on the day - time to go and mow the lawn for a change of pace 😛

Got a big response to toots about doing a , so we're running with it.

will be a chance for authors with finished manuscripts to pitch their books and agents/publishers looking for new authors can get a look a bunch of possibilities all at the same time. Details in the blog post:

If you are an author, agent or publisher interested in , please boost. The more people taking part the better for all of us.

Lunched. Dogs walked. Back into the word-mines. 1200 to go.

Fair progress on sorting out the dogs' breakfast that is 1st Draft of my Comic Dieselpunk Fantasy coincidentally featuring (and how could it not?) a wandering shop.

Wandering Shop

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