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MikeofMany @mikeofmany@wandering.shop

Sweet, My first 1600 word night in a long time.

Ok, one holiday tradition done.. The company holiday party.

Why the heck did I try and sign up for a disroot account, I got the approval email after 5 days, only to have it not actually work.

Time to write. and do the dishes, the laundry, maybe eat too. Have I eaten today???

So the diaspora pod I signed up to is down, has been down. Glad this is still up. Happy Thanksgiving all, and remember one more week for

So glad I wasn't on call last night, all kinds of fires broke out, and luckily I'm talking figuratively.

Happy Monday, Day 12 of so kill those darlings, advance the story arc, and do some self-care.

Why do so many people that come in at a manager level forget that it's passion for the art and science that drives success, not the ability to follow a runbook.

It's Friday The second day of . How's all my NaNo-peeps holding up? Kill any of your darlings yet?

To those about to . I salute you.

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Holy shit. @RPGnet@twitter.com not fucking around.

See, @jack@twitter.com, you colossal coward, it ain't that tough.

Weekend #2 of new machine… Still copying things out of proprietary systems into plain text and markdown.

Today.. Sucked, trying to stay positive and working to accomplish things but just feel so far down underwater, with no spoons it's crazy

Sigh, Weds.. hump day. And tonight I may get my desk under control?

Work and Family during the day, Weekend Days - family & friends. After that Gaming, and once the blue filter drops - writing & coding.

After a month of not writing, barely working on anything author related. It feels good to be looking at my outlines, getting them moved over for the optimal usage on a new machine.

Two weeks that I couldn't do chores has left my house ready to be incinerated at the trash dump. I maybe coughing up blood by the end but I will get it under control.

After a month of not writing.. I'm actually longingly looking at