I'm breaking gravity in my simulation again. Trying to switch from Euler angles to quaternions (4 dimensional representation of an orientation in 3 dimensional space), since they don't have the same problems with singularities, but the rotation isn't quite working properly.

I have a discrepancy of about 20 cm/s^2 that won't go away.

I have written about 400 words. The total length of my introduction is about the same as it was before, but they are better words now.

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If I glare at my thesis Introduction chapter long enough, will it write itself?

My Local Timeline seems to have fixed itself so that it actually shows posts now.

Matlab is very unhappy with me asking it to generate 48 graphs when I run my algorithm.

Most are fine, and then every once in a while there will be one that is weird. Maybe the window is entirely blue. Maybe all the text is missing...

The graph before it is fine. The graph after it is also fine. It is not always the same graph that dies. But Matlab wants me to know that it isn't happy.

So my motion simulator position for this test run is: Blue.

Supervisors have decreed that further testing into some of the initialization behaviour is required. But still major progress.

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My algorithm has passed all the tests I have run so far. No version of this algorithm has worked this well up to now.

I'm at the point where I think my supervisors might say it is good enough to move on to the next steps.

It will need more thorough testing, but I'm at the point where I'm going to have to write the additional test cases, because up to now there hasn't been a point in having them ready.

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*whispers quietly to not scare it into breaking*

My algorithm is starting to pass tests.

(It has passed some tests before and then spectacularly failed other ones, but there is some progress.)

Degrees and radians are not the same.

Having my initial conditions in degrees and everything else in radians doesn't work so well.

(I broke my simulation again.)

@phildini @Annalee I'm seeing a weird bug, where my Local Timeline will stream new posts, but if I refresh the page most of them vanish and I only see a handful of posts, mostly from a single user. I only see those same handful of posts when I first open the tab.

This is happened across multiple browsers, so someone suggested it might be a server side error and I should ask admins for help. Do you have any ideas on what could fix this?

I feel like I'd be more active here if I could get my Local Timeline to work properly.

[Medical, food] 

Friend showed up, took one look at me and shoved a chocolate bar into my hand. Apparently I look awful too!

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[Medical, food] 

Turns out fasting for 12+ hours and then getting blood taken is a recipe for feeling terrible. Who would have guessed?

If I didn't have a meeting this afternoon I'd be tempted to just go home.

The Doctor Who air date has been announced as Sunday, October 7th.

This is going to make things very difficult for podcast recordings.

TA assignment received! It's a course that I've TAed before, and is being taught by 2 of my 3 supervisors. About the best case scenario for me.

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First day of classes is tomorrow.

Can I please, please get my TA assignment already?

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