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Antonius M. here. I write the queer, fantastical and traumatised, all rooted in Swedish (and occasionally Norwegian, when it intersects) folklore and history.

Currently working on a tale with a woman who is a beacon to ghosts, but who needs to deal with her own trauma to be able to help others

Going to be selling crocheted doll clothes and accessories (1:6th scale/12" dolls) on Etsy! First few done pieces are these three bags

So, a new year! I'm going to restart trying to show my crochet stuff, partly because I'll do an etsy crochet store!

Making clothes for 12" fashion dolls =)

I'll be working on a supernatural mindfuck of a thriller this july!

MC rents a cabin to get their footing back after their psychotic break.

Funny how old cabins have all these weird noises like tapping on windows, scraping against walls, rattling doors, blood red roses and vines that grow thicker by the night.

Hey all ... so, I need help with rent this coming month. If you have any ability to help, I would appreciate it a lot. The linked tweet has my links in it.

I'll share this here as well ... If you have the ability to help me, I'm going to be very low on funds this coming month, as my paycheck is a fourth of what it should be if I'd been able to work fulltime, meaning I don't have enough for even rent.

So, distracting myself with lace making now!

This is crocheted in thin linen yarn (2mm hook), in a shade that makes me think of brass, and since the motif makes me think of a cog wheel, I figure this'll be a perfect part of a steampunk look

So... Project during holidays was to reverse engineer a finished doily.

Not done yet, but I like my recreation!

Long after Christianity destroyed the ancestral faith, Freja's gift still travels through generations, bringing power, blessings and jealousy.

In Scandinavia, long before the tribes joined as nations, when they shared a common language, a war raging between Gods bring a decision that echoes into modern days.

In concern that Oden and the Aesir would destroy the magic of the runes, Freja chose 24 of her most faithful servants, gifting each of them a single rune to carry in their hearts.

The rune gives power, and either at death or at times of great need finds a new host.

here's the video for the pattern, btw. Trust me, you'll need to watch it several times.

I'm distracting myself with another lace square. Need super-duper long stitches and clusters? This is for you!

Cotton with a 3.5mm hook, shape is rose with leaves

It is imposible to hack me. I've set my password to "Windows rocks and mm/dd/yyyy is the best date-format", which is impossible for any hacker to type out without vomiting.

Me: I should make a simpler square tomorrow

Also me: ooh, this rose square with double treble crochets, worked in fingering yarn, looks good!

I feel weird asking for financial support for my bit of music-making, writing and writing about music. On the other hand, we're still in a bit of a financial pinch - no thanks to the still ongoing marriage recognition saga (thus no sposal tax benefits) and me having had a bad year businesswise in 2018. And I feel much better about asking for a tip for my creations than just straight up asking for money.

So I'm trying this ko-fi thing:

I think I'll need to make a very simple square tomorrow, because today's was complex!

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