Bird Site and Book of Faces (pt 3) 

Yes, there were long form records of conversations (letters! And more recently, emails!) but those tended to be more thought out (well maybe not emails) and were between the individuals having the conversation, not for public consumption.

So I want to be more mindful of what I put out there in the future, but also more aware and in control of what I’ve put out in the past as well. I hope that makes sense.

Jokes & sarcasm will still have their place though. ;)

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Bird Site and Book of Faces (pt 2) 

2) I’ve changed and grown a lot personally and as a writer over the last several years.

3) I had an epiphany this morning. This is the first time in history really, that casual conversations have been stored, nearly permanently, for future reference. In some cases, that’s a good thing (holding politicians accountable, for instance.) But does there really need to be a permanent record of my convo about what I ate at McDonalds 2 years ago (for ex)?

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Bird Site and Book of Faces 

I’ve been seriously contemplating wiping all my tweets and posts from before, say, January, and curating what’s left from this year down to the bare minimum. Not because I’m ashamed of anything I’ve posted before then, but for several reasons: 1) I’ve tried to be more guarded online as I’ve become more savvy and aware of how much information Twitter and Facebook collect and keep, and how that info gets used. We are not their customers. We are their product.

I love how my husband just goes with it, like sure, burn down the kitchen, we’ll replace it, no prob.

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Also I looked it up, you know, for accuracy and all that and Chris Pine *is* literally my age. According to IMDB, were born 18 days apart. I think this makes us almost-twins, so logic states that I should be in the next Wonder Woman movie.

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Me watching A Wrinkle in Time: “No way is Chris Pine old enough to have a teenager, he’s my ag—oh.”

My first thought on reading this label: "It's lumin-OH-sa, not lumino-SAH."


Body: no


Body: dude. no. fibro-flare, remember? no.

Brain: DID YOU SAY FLARE? HEY THAT GIVES ME AN IDEA *pulls out flame thrower*

Body: wtf

Me: *doesn’t know how to spell word*
Me: *types best guess*
Computer: “Did you mean...” *lists several completely different words*
Me: *tries again*
Conputer: “Ohhh, ok, one of these words then?”
Me: *tries again*
Computer: “Seriously?”
Me: *puts description of word in brackets*

Re my last post, no, that math homework question wasn’t fake. It’s on my 10yo’s homework tonight.

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??? Who is this Nancy chick? Where’s Lana? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH LANA, TOM?

‪You got me through middle school, . You’re even being listened to on the first page of my . RIP 😟‬

I can't help but þink þat þis will get to a level þat's just taking þe piß

Are we mucking around with English orþography again?

I þink we are

My novel outlines are written in chalk. On the floor. And shaped like bodies. Because everybody dies.

To be fair, no one has ever proven I'm NOT six cakes stacked on top of each other in a hoodie.

We keep finding clear-headed pushpins on the floor. Finally figured out that the kitten has been getting up onto my desk and pulling them out of my cork board with her teeth, then carrying them around & depositing them in interesting the stairs. It is by sheer luck that no one has been stabbed in the foot. Yet.

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