I suddenly want to knit a pretty lacy shawl. I currently have three different projects cast on and in progress and am trying to learn how to needle felt. But yanno. NEW PROJECT SHINY.

Got far enough into my new scarf for the brioche rib to start to show and eeee it's gonna be so pretty. I love it already. I always love knitting brioche, it's so soft and squishy.

Casted on my first new project in a while, a scarf for the SO in two-color brioche. I have two balls of striped yarn, pulling one "color" from the outside of the ball, one "color" from the inside, so that they're changing color in opposite directions. It feels nice to think I might actually have time to do something creative. I hope this momentary peace holds.

Now that my mom's doing some better and a routine of sorts has formed, I'm beginning to think I might get some time to breathe and start working on creative projects again. So: , of course (maybe I'll actually manage to start that patreon I set up before All The Things happened), and (send me ravelry patterns for inspo!), and are going to happen, I hope. *crosses fingers*

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