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For new folks coming to Mastodon today, here's an intro. I'm a , I do , I play , and I read a lot of . I am , specifically, pansexual. I live with , , and . I was an once upon a time. I blog at

There you go, a quick . I showed you mine, now you show me yours! WITH TAGS, please, it helps us find each other!

Hi #quaranzinefest! I have a few zines published through #HivemindPress that you should definitely check out. They're all up on, but I'll run through each of them here.

Free food for anyone in New York City (not just schoolkids), via dept. of education

This morning I'm rambling in my journal about the connections between denying parts of yourself and being attracted to stories of otherwise good characters being forced in some way to display or confront monstrousness.

the thing that made me a better person was me shutting the fuck up and listening to people who had different life experiences than i did

Very happy with this painting I did over the weekend. :D

Image Description : A black tree silhouette against a purple night sky, the tree branches appear to hug the full moon. A cat sits on one branch.


Got halfway to work and realized I still had on my flourescent rainbow flip-flops that I walk the dog in. I would say anxiety is making me forgetful but . . . this actually happens to me fairly often?

Just so you know: I'm feeling securely bisexual.

“I don’t paint about the #writing or write about the #painting. It’s just the opposite, in fact: I write about the things I can’t paint and paint the things I can’t write about.”

“How many times have I heard from someone saying, ‘You’re lucky. You were born with a subject.’ Well, isn’t everyone?”

- Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, British Ghanaian painter #Art


Be nice to the hard working people in your supermarket. Compliment them. Don’t ever blame them for not having that one special thing you think you need. They work hard. At the frontline. To keep us all fed and alive. Thank them. #SpreadHopeNotFear #covid19

I was near to my own Bed. It pleases me.

— Dumed Ostarònul, Farmer

The voice comes from behind me. I turn around, and there is nothing there. Literally nothing.
"It's me, the Void."
"Hi," I say.
"Are you okay? Only, you haven't come to scream for a while."
I gesture helplessly.
"I know," the Void says. "But if you need me..."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

a reminder for everyone struggling today: please remember to use filters and mutes liberally.

its completely fine to not know everything all the time. maybe consider asking a friend to filter a little bit of news to you when you ask for it instead of letting social media blast you away with it.

its fine if even jokes and shitposts upset you. its not ANY kind of failing on your part. staying mentally healthy goes a long way towards staying physically healthy.

ive come up with a new idea for a holiday: International But What About International Men's Day Day

it takes place the day before international woman's day, and basically you make posts about how you're happy about woman's day and wait for the inevitable "but men" replies, add them to a list, and then on international men's day you go back to them all reminding them that it's men's day and giving them links to donate to men's mental health organisations

it's a win/win/win: more resources for men in need, you get to piss off chuds, and you get to feel good about being petty

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