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For new folks coming to Mastodon today, here's an intro. I'm a , I do , I play , and I read a lot of . I am , specifically, pansexual. I live with , , and . I was an once upon a time. I blog at

There you go, a quick . I showed you mine, now you show me yours! WITH TAGS, please, it helps us find each other!

the only abortion clinic in kentucky that does surgical abortions and one of the only black-owned clinics in the county was damaged and possibly looted on the 30th; they're still open and seeing patients, but you can donate to help them with repairs here:

"A natural human tendency is to try to continue with as ordinary and civilised life as possible, for as long as one can. Bruno Bettelheim later observed that, under Nazism, only a few people realized at once that life could not continue unaltered: these were the ones who got away quickly."

#Reading "At The Existentialist Cafe" by Sarah Bakewell

I am being cuddled by the most standoffish and bitey of my cats, I am simultaneously happy and terrified. But I already know not to touch her anywhere but her forehead, so we're ok.

True power is this cat preventing me from getting up right now.

take me back to the GeoCities
where the text is green
and the songs are MIDIs

First full day at work after a two week quarantine and am thoroughly exhausted, while at the same time feeling like ai accomplished very little?


The market is super clever, it automatically adjusts to pressures of supply and demand! It's not just the most efficient allocation system known to humankind, it's also the most flexible and adaptable!

Also capitalists:

Help the pressures of supply and demand automatically adjusted to something that happened, so now the entire economy is exploding because this wasn't ever meant to happen! You can't just have your economy adjust to changes! That breaks everything!

In case anyone who's interested hasn't found out by another means - the Australian Ballet is doing online classes here:

we teach girls to shrink themselves. to make themselves smaller. We say to girls - curl up into morph ball form to reach previously inaccessible areas through the use of tunnels, and detonate power bombs to kill side hoppers

Grateful! For people who put the good of their pets before their pride. I suspect the current situation means a lot of people may need to do that. For videos of cute animals. Balm for the soul!

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One very pretty loaf of rosemary bread with fresh rosemary from my herb garden.

What the community learned from the fight with that now applies in the time of the / . In many way both bad and good, is repeating itself.

Write the kind of story you would like to read. People will give you all sorts of advice about writing, but if you are not writing something you like, no one else will like it either. - Meg Cabot

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My politics boil down to caring about other people

My is going to stretch halfway into May at this point but life got in the way for a bit. Still, here's day 2.

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