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In today’s bird news, one of the red-shouldered hawks came by to do a little hunting in our back yard this afternoon, only to be shown the exit by mobbing blue jays (who know a predator when they see one). The hawk came back later, though, and did a little hunting before continuing on elsewhere.

The phoebes were joined on the deck railing by a female cowbird, which isn’t a good sign from the phoebes’ perspective: cowbirds are obligate brood parasites.

Found out where the eastern phoebes are nesting this year: next to our back deck light. This morning the birds are in nest-building mode and the deck is a flurry of activity. Which means that they’re invariably *right there* whenever we look out the window.

This yellow-bellied sapsucker turned up this evening. We heard her—or her prospective mate’s—call before I saw her, and like many woodpeckers’ calls, it’s fairly ridiculous: it sounds like a squeeze toy.

Today brought another chance to get somewhat better shots of the yellow-rumped warblers. Also, a female goldfinch.

Second new bird this week! We were just visited by a trio of Yellow-rumped Warblers (Setophaga coronata). Too quick and small for me to get very many good shots; this one will have to do.

Here’s a relatively close look at a female red-winged blackbird.

New-to-us bird species! This Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum), looking all serious, turned up this afternoon.

This week in birds: a red-winged blackbird, a female brown-headed cowbird, a blue jay and an eastern phoebe, all photographed from our front windows or back deck.

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