New visitor today: a rather vocal Baltimore Oriole. First time I’ve ever seen or heard one.

And speaking of the kids, Jennifer had a peek into the phoebes’ nest. Behold, five phoebe eggs—and one egg belonging to the Brown-headed Cowbird, a brood parasite. (I *knew* those cowbirds were up to something.)

The Eastern Phoebes have returned to nest above our front porch light. There’s usually one in the nest at any given point: it’s rare to see them together away from it (see third photo, where they appear to be having words about who’s neglecting the kids).

This female Brown-headed Cowbird was soon accompanied by two very attentive and demonstrative males.

This is the best shot I could get of a small bird that turned up on May 3. Our best guess is that it’s a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. What do you think?

This Yellow-bellied Sapsucker paid us a visit yesterday afternoon.

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