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Jonathan Crowe

So much for posting blog entries to Mastodon. Neither plugin seems to be working, nor does it seem possible to unbork either of them.

The plugin I was using, Mastodon Autopost, just switched to OAuth, which doesn't work, at least not on this instance. The other, Mastodon Share, simply shows the connection as "disconnected" without any way of, well, reconnecting; deleting and reinstalling doesn't fix the problem.

Open source strikes again. Too many possible points of failure. Giving up for now.

Today on The Map Room, I review Jim Bennett’s NAVIGATION: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION, which lives up to its subtitle.

Today on The Map Room, I review THE RED ATLAS: HOW THE SOVIET UNION SECRETLY MAPPED THE WORLD by John Davies and Alex Kent.

Today on The Map Room I review Stephen J. Hornsby’s PICTURING AMERICA: THE GOLDEN AGE OF PICTORIAL MAPS.

Okay, so: The WordPress-to-Mastodon plugin (1) does work but (2) fires on minor edits even when the "also toot on post update" box is unchecked. Because I only made a couple of minor edits to that post (from last February!) this morning.

Every time a Mastodon post is referred to as a "toot" I'm reminded of this old Air Farce sketch.

A Mastodon WordPress plugin:

I'm going to give it a try on my personal site, where I post maybe 1-2 times a week (so new-blog-post notifications shouldn't be too much of an irritant here.)

I write The Map Room, a long-running blog about maps that seems to have a core following; book reviews (sf/fantasy, cartography/maps) that no one seems to read; and other blog posts and essays that sometimes get a lot of attention.

Most important of all, apparently: I take pictures of our cats.

Canadian; disabled (ankylosing spondylitis); live with wife, cats and snakes on a property in rural Quebec that a friend once described as "living in an Enid Blyton novel."

This morning’s bird is a chipping sparrow.