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Jonathan Crowe

(Which is not to say that I actually *expect* Moa to support image descriptions. I don’t think that’s actually possible unless IG does first. It may mean some additional mindfulness in re the captions on my part.)

I’ve started using @moa_party to cross-post Instagram photos to Mastodon. So far so good.

Some observations:

1. Only a short delay of a few minutes between posting to Instagram and appearing on Mastodon. Nice! Much longer delay with IFTTT posting IG to Twitter.

2. No support for multiple photos on IG: only the first shot is posted. (Meanwhile, the IFTTT Twitter and Flickr recipes fail outright in such cases.)

3. Can’t add image descriptions.

4. I wonder how much this service can scale ...

We appear to have apples. (Not sure what kind, to be honest ... it’s our second summer with this tree and last year it produced, like, three.)

Anyone else here remember Trogdor the Burninator?

It's being turned into a board game where you play Trogdor as he burninates the countryside. The Kickstarter ends tomorrow.

A spring peeper, found while the spousal unit was mowing the lawn. First we’ve seen on the property.

Wherever I have been, I am back.

So much for posting blog entries to Mastodon. Neither plugin seems to be working, nor does it seem possible to unbork either of them.

The plugin I was using, Mastodon Autopost, just switched to OAuth, which doesn't work, at least not on this instance. The other, Mastodon Share, simply shows the connection as "disconnected" without any way of, well, reconnecting; deleting and reinstalling doesn't fix the problem.

Open source strikes again. Too many possible points of failure. Giving up for now.

Today on The Map Room, I review Jim Bennett’s NAVIGATION: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION, which lives up to its subtitle.