users, if you are getting a confusing "getting started" message when you try to log in... just click through the tutorial, everything seems to be okay. users, if you are getting a confusing "getting started" message when you try to log in... just click through the tutorial, everything seems to be okay.

Myk reassured me that I probably did not make things worse, yay.

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Something is also broken at work so this is gonna be a fun day.

Hey folks.

Weirder earth is down and I, uh, might have made things worse trying to fix it. (Day 1 as volunteer sysadmin and I am rapidly developing strong opinions about the UX design of docker-compose commands!)

I don't have access to backups so I'm waiting to hear back from Myk.

More status updates here when I have them. I have to go to work at my actual job tho so it might be a bit, please hang tight.

Guide to my alt accounts 

This account is the general purpose tooter.

@flyingtoaster - lewd. Follow requests accepted or rejected based on weirder feelings than just how much I like you.

@mcmoots - someday maybe I'll separate out the more technical nerd stuff & write posts that need LaTeX. Hasn't happened yet though.

@mcmoots - backup alt, please follow + store at least 3 gallons of water per person per day as part of your disaster preparedness plan.

Attn: Friendos

My home instance has been brought back to life, I will be switching my main tooting to @mcmoots

Plz follow kthx

What are good non-ableist replacements for "the blind leading the blind"?

I was just about to describe my situation setting my team up with git as "the 20/200 leading the blind" and oh wait.

I hope some trans man somewhere has used this clip to come out on his 37th birthday, instead of just posting the short version.

There's gonna be puppets dancing to Stravinsky tonight. Puppet show! So excite.

This is the face of a cat who just got hassled out of a nice nap spot, and is not even being petted.

Today I infodumped about edible plants for an hour and a half, and people seemed generally engaged and appreciative! Then we cooked some food together, using what we found, and it was tasty. A+ would teach foraging workshops again.

Seriously tho don't pull into the cross walk even if you're waiting to turn right, people with various disabilities need the entirety of that space to get across.

I work in a hospital, aren't we supposed to have nice filtered air or some shit? My eyeballs are breaking through the zyrtec agggghhhh.

Friendos, I need to add some 10-20 minute podcasts to my life. I use podcasts for timing chores, so episode length is important.

Current subscriptions: BirdNote, 99% Invisible, Welcome to Night Vale, the Allusionist, Pounded in the Butt by my Own Podcast. Not too interested in timely news stuff, because then it feels bad when I fall behind. Most topics fair game. What are your favorites?

dietary restriction 

Update: I bought some dates and immediately ate the whole bag.

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dietary restriction 

I decided my personal liturgical calendar needs an arbitrary restriction / fasting holiday. So it's the week between earth day and my birthday and this year I'm giving up refined sugar.

I've gotten, uh, really used to a bit of sweet before bed. This glass of orange juice in sparkling water with chocolate bitters feels fancy but is not really doing it for me. Maybe I'll go buy some coconut date bites for the rest of the week.

work; baiting my pride 

A colleague just sent me an email: "I will work with X on [project I am desperately trying to transfer to X] because it doesn't seem like you're going to be able to do Y feature".

I spent like 15 minutes working on it like "hahaha I'll show you, I can do Y super easy!" and... why. Why do I fall for that.

The better answer is "yep, I don't have time. I'll publish with the current approximation of Y and you can work with X on updates" and then it's NOT MINE ANYMORE.

climate change, health care, pol? 

Remember how pharmaceutical production facilities in Puerto Rico got knocked out by the hurricane & there's a sterile saline shortage? Now there's a product recall.

We were already using our saline shortage protocol. Now there's a room full of doctors down the hall trying to decide when potentially contaminated saline is safer than no saline (and, y'know, inventorying lot numbers and stuff).

We are a rich first-world hospital.

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