Anyone looking for a room in (… the one in Austria) and up for intentional community?

My living collective is looking for 2 new folx. Both short term (two months to one semester) and long term is possible, starting from July or later (someone is moving out then, someone else in autumn, we're guessing it will be a "short term roomie over the summer, then two for long term" kind of situation, let's see).

We're 8 people, 3 of us live in another place, too, and the flat is lorge with two terraces, lots of shared space and 6 tiny private rooms with loft platforms that most people have their bed on.

Here's a not very up to date introduction:
More up to date info via DM, or just email us.

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pet death mentioned 

the part that's outdated is mostly the cats. they died. it is likely though that at some point, cats will live here again.

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