Aaah. I just learned of such a useful tool for the linux where you do the typey thing: cal. It makes calendars!! cal -y does one with all the months of the current year. Like cute little monthses with their little days. good!! will stop me from searching things like "april 2021" whenever I need to see what day some thing is.

(I learned about it here:

How come I never before realised that monospace fonts are perfect for calendars!

And I DEFINITELY want to make my i3 bar show a tiny little calendar when I click the time :3

Actually that has been on my list since I first started using i3. Probably more than a year ago?

I hate that I have a preference for things that need a lot of configuration. Because I never do most of that configuration.

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I got lost on the internet and started using py3status and, I think it is good. quote about the module "rainbow":
"This is the most pointless yet most exciting module you can imagine."

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So I SHOULD have worked on school stuff, and I COULD have started making that thing that changes my wallpaper based on my location, but now instead I have the current weather displayed in my status bar and that's also pretty good.

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@maunzi I use cal -3 a lot, which shows the current month, the previous and the next one :)

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