Try reading German words as if they're Icelandic. It sounds pretty funny. Always stress the first syllable, turn every "au" into [œiː], roll/tap the R:s, make R and L voiceless at the end of words, etc.

@alva I will never not use alveolar Rs, they're simply the best Rs (u.u)

@funnypanja @alva if you can produce the American-style tapped 't' in (American) English words like 'petal' or 'water', that's already the same as a single-tap alveolar 'r', and then you just have to find out the knack to do multiples :)

@elilla @funnypanja @alva oooh. That is the most (and only) helpful advice I've ever seen on that topic. Lots of "sag abwechselnd t und d". But this one, I think I,,, I did it 🐾

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