Krashen, «Is There a “Fast Track” to Second Language Acquisition?»

- one hour of pleasure reading for 3 years in the lower end of individual variability would bring ESL proficiency from TOEIC 250 ("Basic") to 733 ("Limited Working Proficiency")

- same amount of reading for the fastest learners would reach 1027 (over the scale)

- on avg, 2h/reading/day for 1 year would add 200 points.

this is honestly kind of discouraging :/ welp it's not like people become fluent in 3 months or anything


@melissaboiko oooh actually I'm finding this very encouraging. Because I'm Bad at learning languages (mostly at the "sticking with it" part) and I love just randomly reading texts that i mostly-understand, so i feel like i should value that more and do it more, instead of being like "I'm bored to death by these grammar exercises and can't follow the speed of this class so i will never be able to truly Language".

@maunzi if you read a lot of texts that you kind of understand, you will know the language eventually :) the trick is the "a lot" part. it means it's important to find texts you're really personally interested in, and that you understand well enough to stay interested in. when it works just right, you get into a virtuous circle; the more you read the more you can read ("narrow reading" a single series/author/genre works well for this purpose)

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