:boost_ok:, homelessness, Raleigh NC, not money asking, just help/advice 

Dank der aktuellen c't herausgefunden, dass man mit der Telekom und einer FRITZ!Box Telefonate verschlüsseln kann!

Ich frage mich ernsthaft, warum das per default nicht aktiviert ist? Denn es funktioniert fehlerfrei!

IT pro tip: Have you tried turning it off?

I need to not do anything dor about a year imo

And I hate that almost all of my weeks have 1 or 2 days like that.

But honestly rly I've been awake for almost 17 hours and I hate it.

More than 10 min until home still :<

I've been awake for HOURS, I tell you, Hours.

But it's good that in the evening I can take my bike on the train and it's nice and empty in there and I can sleep soon hopefully

Not happy with the amount of minutes until sleep

I don't think this gets mentioned a lot when people bring up misgendering as a harm against trans people, but part of what makes it especially rough is that it's hard to figure out it's happening.

Like, if there's five people at the table who use he/him pronouns and someone says "he", we don't know right away if they mean an actual "he" or if they're getting our pronouns wrong. And by the time we have enough context to know, the conversation has charged onwards and it's awkward to say anything.

Misgendering is not just factually and morally wrong - it's also really hard to respond to. And being braced for the possibility is exhausting.

- 🎒

Boosts appreciated because this is a fun question!

For anybody who chose their own name, where did you get it from, or why did you choose it?

I actually did get Isabelle from the Animal Crossing character on a whim (and my dead name was also after a famous character), but I liked the sweetness, and I had some friends encourage me to take it because Izzy is a fun punky name as well!

Pronoun day silly 

Happy #InternationalPronounsDay / #PronounsDay!

We posted our report on the pronouns question of the international 2020 Gender Census (>24,000 participants) recently: gendercensus.com/post/63215016

The most popular pronoun among binary-defying respondents was singular they at 78%.

Kurze #Werbung in eigener Sache: Ich biete #Musiktheorie-Unterricht per Videokonferenz und ich habe jetzt sogar was dazu auf meiner Internetseite stehen. camilla-kutzner.de/musiktheori

Ich suche Sensitivity Readers für 2 kinky Geschichten!

Thema 1: Gebärdensprache
-> geht um Spanking

Thema 2: (nicht-schmerzhafte) spastische Zuckungen
-> geht um Bondage

Beide haben je um die 800 Zeichen (ca 140 Wörter).
Zahle pro Reading-Feedback 10€ via Paypal.




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