("it's a problem that Butler ignores the material realities of bodies" – they're... they're in the title actually)

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(Oh gosh, now I'm thinking about all the ways people who should know better perpetuate weird terfy myths about Butler's ideas. Like, I've read not much of her stuff, but I've noticed that apparently, not everyone who lectures about her with the air of a feminist scholar who knows All The Theory has ever even skimmed a summary of Bodies That Matter. It's always just a rather superficial reading of that one chapter of Gender Trouble, is it?)

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Want to borrow a trans-related book, and you're in the UK? Here you'll find a good selection, and they'll send your choice along by 2nd class post - even including return postage if you mark that on your request - and you'll have it for one month. And it's all free. ^_^ (Donations, obviously, are welcome)


Should the OSMF adopt a rule about holding the annual #OSM State of the Map conference (& regional variants) in places that are #LGBTQ* unsafe?
I'm proposing this rule (cause I'm on OSMF Board), and I'm looking for feedback.
cf. lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm & then lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

Like even to the point of philosophy-heavy lecturers claiming that Judith Butler destroys the category of woman and offers no alternatives for feminist struggles

Like, have you read her at all?! I guess the constant "btw it's possible to form alliances based on common goals" was just too vague??

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I mean I learned some cool things in gender studies classes, but I was a tiny genderqueer baby and actually, the sometimes-not-so-implicit message that it's best to not insist on any gendery weirdness because that harms The Struggle was rather destructive.

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(yes I have experience both with gender studies classes and with tech bros, maybe one day I'll have positive experiences with the former too)

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*worst-case-fantasizes of explaining to low key TERFy lecturers and fresh out of school tech-bros-to-be that ~actually, including women in your idea of the world is a good start, but it goes further than that~, and dies preemptively*

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Me: "shit I was never interested in AI but actually this uni in a not-that-far-away town has a really cool sounding AI program that seems to include an acceptable amount of mentioning that technology exists in the context of societies, and it has a distance study option for my town, I might just do that??"

Also me: "ok none of these 4 gender studies courses in the curriculum sound very revolutionary, I'm out"

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Scheiße, das ist das erste Mal, dass ich eine Werbekampagne einer Uni ansprechend finde. Hab dieses Plakat am Bahnhof gesehen und war sofort überzeugt ^^;


Does someone know of a program / support structure in germany that is helping young trans adults / teens to get away from abusive parents?

von 1 fremder dude 30sek angestarrt werden, dann 5€ schein in die hand gedrückt bekommen "von einem bruder zum anderen, gönn dir was vom cbd geschäft" und ist gegangen. ein herz für #graz

Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

A group of transfem hackers just revealed one of the biggest data leak ever. :trans_comm::antifa::trans_comm:

Nothing less than a server dump from a fascist hosting and registrar company.

Hackers on Estradiol's Operation Epik Fail grants access to "all that's needed to trace actual ownership and management of the fascist side of the Internet".


This is a very nice twine game about folks discovering they're trans, nonhuman and plural. softannalee.itch.io/dogs

Anyone have experience with getting children into non-coercive schools in Germany? Asking for a kids. :boosts_ok_gay:

By "non-coercive" I mean anything where the student gets to decide what to do with their time and there's no tests, grades, iron bars and the like. School fees are doable if they're small. The main difficulty I'm stumbling on is that the schools I can find seem to be very small, and then it feels unlikely that I can guarantee a couple immigrant children who don't speak German a place. I'm willing to relocate within NRW for a good chance at this.

Due to lack of options I'm flexible on the specifics of the pedagogy, as long as it's at least somewhat less traumatic than normal schools. I would prefer to avoid new-agey stuff like Montessori etc., but again, preferable to normal schools. Christian orgs a hard no.

(Do not reply to this thread with comments like "but what about uni/getting a job" etc.)

#parenting #school #Germany

SFFBookClub October + future polls 

Reminder that the October #SFFBookClub poll is up at doodle.com/poll/3fyfb5dne6d55b . I plan to close it in a day or two.

Also, from Nov onwards I'm going to always drop the oldest non-winner to keep the list fresh, even if it was a close second. So if you want to read Every Heart a Doorway with the group, this month is your last chance to vote for it.

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"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

the delicious irony: creators of industrial language models are now worried about no longer being able to use the web as their "commons" (i.e. other people's labor that they appropriate and commercialize) because their own outputs are "polluting" it (via mailchi.mp/jack-clark/import-a)


soll zum Gespräch einen ausgefüllten Bewerbungsbogen mitbringen – auf dem so Sachen gefragt werden wie "Religion", "Familienstand", Anzahl Kinder", "Derzeitig bestehende Behinderungen gem. BEeinstG?", "Haben Sie eine Krankheit, die erwähnt werden sollte?", "Haben Sie Vorstrafen bzw. anhängiges Strafverfahren?" und "Haben Sie derzeit eine Lohn- oder Gehaltsexekution?"


(Übersicht zu was gefragt werden darf: derstandard.at/story/200009986) (die spielen wohl Bingo)

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