FFP2 Armut ZDF 

Ah shit I'm supposed to be doing school work, right

My focus today is: trash cans, picnic tables. I am proud to recognise a certain racoon-y-ness in my actions.

I am too sleepy to do an internet. Glad that I realised before someone had to tell me, tbh.

But actually, the chronology of leisure=picnic_table in OpenStreetMap is even more beautiful. taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags There are like 150000 of them mapped, and they can't be stopped.

Contribute to this beautiful development by mapping a picnic table near you~✨

Calibre store plugin 

Like, not in longcat mode, just like, standing up head (trunk maybe) to butt.

I have no luck finding out how long a 1 year old elephant is. Can anyone help me?

There's a survey on how members of the OpenStreetMap community (in the widest sense, as I read it) perceive recent actions of the OSM Foundation. Available in a bunch of languages: lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

It's really heartwarming to see so many members at @imagecaptionspls helping out those who care about accessibility, but can't write captions themselves due to lack of spoons.
This is what the Fediverse should be about. About human connection. About helping each other. Thank you all, for being the bright light in an otherwise not-too-great start of the day.
And to everyone who reads this, don't forget to be awesome! 💙

uspol, white supremacism, classism, ableism 

I don't think I'm following people who are saying these things, but obviously I am seeing them because I follow people boosting them. And I understand that impulse: I used to see this only from sighted/abled people but now I'm starting to see it from disabled people too.

It's very tempting, as someone with privilege, want an easy answer for how's Good to behave from someone without that privilege. I'm sorry to be here telling you It's a Bit More Complicated Than That, but I'm afraid it is.

Sure not writing image descriptions is one kind of action that can make a community less welcoming to disabled people.

But honestly, hardline proclamations that everyone MUST write image descriptions or they're BAD (which I'm seeing more often)...also feel pretty unwelcoming!

Even as someone who benefits from image descriptions, I don't benefit from the lack of nuance around disability issues. I don't benefit from being used as a stick to beat people with who aren't writing image descriptions.

one of the subway stations i was in yesterday has a bunch of tiles designed by school kids from god knows when

so i was looking at them and i found. space alien catte

Good pandemic day 

Good pandemic day 

Good pandemic day 

when we were backpacking we got told not to take quick standing breaks cause just standing still burns a shitton of calories esp with a backpack on and like if we were gonna take a break we needed to take them off and sit down or we were just burning calories without making progress anyway these days i think all the time about how difficult it is to find ways to Stop Doing things that isn't in some way still tiring

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