Hey, kennt ihr "FlippingBook" E-Books, durch die ihr im Browser durchblättern, die ihr aber nicht runterladen könnt?
Sowas hier? avtor.karelia.ru/elbibl/ruppie

Gute Nachrichten: Ich hab einen Scraper gebaut, der die Dinger runterladen und als PDFs ausspucken kann: hub.darcs.net/enum/avtor-dl/br


"Was Sie bei uns erwartet:
- …
- Verantwortungsvoller Job und die Möglichkeit, den Waffenpass zu machen
- …"


maybe people are infected by the common media stereotype of "this is unix, i know unix *keysmash* ok the reactor is offline"

when its more like "this is unix. uh, which way does the ln syntax go again? tar something... uh. history... grep... fuck."

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money beg, government has decided to fuck me over 

currently have $140 to keep myself and my partner going for an indefinite length of time with 0 income [context in rest of thread, tldr: govt hates us because i'm too disabled but also not disabled enough]

best case scenario: we have an income again on next wednesday (13 days from now)
more likely scenario: we continue to to not have money until after the new year and then maybe they will do something

send me a DM if you're able to help, either with money (paypal is easiest, but we can try and figure something out) or with knowledge (e.g. ways to get/save money- note we live in Australia)

rest of this post has some financial info about our situation:
- currently have *just* enough groceries for this week
- we haven't been paying rent (it normally comes out of our centerlink payments, and neither of us know how to pay "manually") and i dont know when that's going to be a problem
- internet bill of about ~$120 is due uh, now. and having access to the internet is how I have access to money & transport, so really important
- we need to get ~$60 worth of medication in a week (cost includes transport), including HRT for both of us and other "we very much need this but won't instantly die without it" medication
- gas & electricity are also due next week, ~$100
- we have other bills and stuff but I think this gives a good overview of how we're surviving

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job search 

Naww :s cute person who said they liked my resume so much that they'd fit me in even though they were already pretty much done with interviews now wrote that actually no, she couldn't convince her colleagues to delay their decision. But that was such a cute interaction! I'm really happy about that somehow.

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job search 

"I can't work full-time because I need some energy left for my preferred forms of self-destruction"

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job search 

from my very limited experience, Windows server stuff is weird because it feels like googling "how do I edit a template in Word" and the answers look exactly the same, like there are screenshots with circled bits and things like "click the start menu thingie. now type "group something something". it will bring up the group something something which is different from the group-this-that". and both are desperately needed because everything looks the same.

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job search 

"oh that sounds chill and is payed ok! but shit I'm not desperate enough yet to act like I enjoy Active Directory"

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job search 

it's funny because "why would you work part-time if you can get a full-time job" but I simply prefer less wholistic forms of self destruction (read "I'd like to have energy for things other than taking a shower and falling into bed")

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job search 

"oh wow suddenly so many interesting jobs that I'm qualified for! – ah oops forgot to filter for part-time"

📣 We're happy to share w/ the fediverse our new website:

We tried hard to communicate the vision and the motivations that nurture bonfire ecosystem. We also included new technical guides to setup and configure a new instance, to play with it or contribute to the development.
Any feedback is welcome :)

#bonfire #showcase #fediverse


For the record: This is the last mention of my shops I will post on the Fedi. We made the lease payment, thank you. I am still retiring. My vision and hands are both going. Due to Etsy requiring payment per listing, the Going out of Business sale will end on December 31 when the last listing expires. Jan 1, I will close both shops permanently.
Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/andrewragland/shop
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/WanderingBeekeep

Du besuchst ein Camp, veranstaltest einen Café-Nachmittag oder kennst einen #Buchladen, in dem #Queerulant_in noch nicht ausliegt? Dann schließe jetzt ein kostenfreies #Abo ab und du bekommst die letzten Exemplare der Ausgabe 11 zugesandt <3

#queerulantin #queer #trans #magazin #kollektiv

Und gerade bin ich von "beHindert & verRückt Worte_Gebärden_Bilder finden" und ich mag es sehr. Viele unterschiedliche Zugänge und Stile in diesem sehr hübsch gemachten Buch, und einige davon ziemlich kratzig, und andere sehr soft, oder beides, und so.


German, health insurance+ 

Allgemeiner Hinweis: Die SBK ändert namen auf krankenkassenkarte und im system mit dgti ergänzungsausweis. also auch auf rezepten und überweisungen steht jetzt immer unser richtiger name schon drauf.

Hah, die Kommunikation mit den Geistern hat ziemliche plural vibes.

Ich mag die Geschichten 💜

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Als nächstes kommt jetzt "Die Geisterjägerin" von Chris* Lawaai dran, und ich freu mich schon richtig krass drauf weil das eine super liebe Internet-Bekanntschaft ist, dier da jetzt ein Buch hat das ich lesen kann, aah 💜

(If you were wondering who the hell that is, she's just the author of my favorite anarchist demon hunter series, birdsbeforethestorm.net/fictio)

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I just learned that I can watch Margaret Killjoy showing off her super fancy forest cabin and talking about how much offgrid life sucks, for 30 minutes. Guess what I'm doing ❤️


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