If I were to host my own small fediverse instance, what EU-based hosting service would you recommend?

I guess it's something called VPS that I need?

(And I'm not specifically talking about a service like masto.host or spacebear, but a service where I have root access to the server.)

Huh. Today, this album came by post, addressed to my name, sent one day after my birthday from the UK via Sweden: tinangelrecords.bandcamp.com/a

I looked through my paypal history, bank account, email, bandcamp purchases, it's definitely not there, and nothing it could have been mixed up with either.

At first I thought it was just labeled to the wrong person, or one of my flatmates accidentally used my name… but I could just as well assume it is a mystery present?? This is… weird.

I think wyrms.de is ready to take a few users! :bookwyrm: wyrms.de is a Bookwyrm instance inspired by the planet Anarress from Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed.

If you read the description and CoC and think it fits you, feel free to ask for an invite link! I'll do my best to enforce the CoC. Also, I hereby announce that I will make generous use of the deferation feature once it's working in production to keep assholes off and keep the community nice. :trebuchet:

#Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). It's in an very early state, so expect things to break - but imho it already works nicely and is enjoyable thanks to @tripofmice
github.com/mouse-reeve/bookwyr :fediverse: 📚

The amazing artwork for wyrms.de is a commission from @sajan, thank you so much! 🎨

The text #LibreOffice uses for previewing Korean fonts reads 키스의 고유조건은, which means "The unique conditions of a kiss are," and I'm always like wait don't leave us hanging go on

How do you pronounce nginx?

If you don’t see how you say it in an option, just reply

I'm really glad for recipe blogs where you can adjust the number of servings and change the measurements to metric… but now this one is asking for "13.33 small red potatoes" :blobpats:

This is why I live and die by the words "be the rad space wizard you want to see airbrushed onto the side of a van"

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@craigmaloney @djsundog Bonus points: if you need to log out but let a background process keep running: disown %1

TIL: Firefox relay exists:


It’s a good thing for giving services that I don’t particularly care about an email address

3yo has discovered the concept of April fools day, and has been repeatedly april fooling me, by pointing at something which is not a stegosaurus and gleefully informing me that it is, in fact, a stegosaurus

18 eyeless blobcat transparent emoji .png files have been added to my site for copy pasting and can be downloaded at once off my github repo for any admins who would like to add them to custom emojis or any other potential users


🌕 : a really long pronoun
🌖 : only the first half of the pronoun
🌔 : only the second half of the pronoun
🌑 : no pronoun

gifted kids 

@callie i think — bear with me, here — that we should simply let kids do their thing without introducing false hierarchies of production capability

institutional trans violence (abstractly), racism 

trans day of white trans folx being aware that those scary murder statistics are almost universally about Black trans ppl

trans day of white trans people donating money to Black-led orgs

was looking up on English closed and open classes for a bit elsewhere and "pronoun" was a closed class and I swear I got honestly confused for a good while, like what are they even talking abt? then I remembered, oh yeah it's the cis being silly

pet death 

(Notice how our other cat, Baby, died 3 days ago. They really did pick similar times. 😿)

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April fools thoughts, pet death 

Explanation: Salem was a wonderful chaos kitty with a very commanding tone and nothing could have fit her better than to die a planned death on 1st of April high on drugs being allowed to eat her favorite cheese until she had enough of it (!!), with snow starting to fall when we took her to the vet.

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April fools thoughts, pet death mention 

I'm starting to like this day more and more. When I was a kid, it was shitty jokes and yelling "APRIL APRIL!" way too loudly. But on the internet, there are sometimes genuinely nice things happening on this day. I think the first thing like that that I saw was some physics blog that an acquaintance read that did a kitty theme. Last year, our cat Salem died on that day, and it was snowing, and that fit her so perfectly. Today, netkitty is puppy. :blobpats:

I want to go on an adventure today but after the first two days of cycling in a long time my butt needs a break

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