Looking for reading recommendations on OpenStreetMap & colonialism. No specific direction, just, doing MapRoulette tasks made me wonder how maps are made by whom and who they're benefitting.

Covid-19, anxiety (learned a new!) 

Covid-19, anxiety (1/2) 

Covid-19, anxiety (1/2) 

Covid-19, anxiety (1/2) 

re: Covid-19, anxiety (2/2) (+) 

Covid-19, anxiety (2/2) (+) 

Covid-19, anxiety (1/2) 

tech Jobs bei queerem FLIT-Unternehmen, Berlin, US, Remote 

Hah i love that i pronounce some things in German in my mind when reading English

"... which has not been validated for humans and SARS-TSEH-OH-FAU-TSWAI,, "

covid-19, mask type study 

welp, here's hard evidence backing up the article we saw a few weeks ago about defficiencies in the tor network. nearly a quarter of users are getting attacked, and that's only the attacks we can detect right now. tor is currently unsafe, and it's unclear how project leadership plans to fix things since there are technical deficiencies in the design they're ignoring.


food, kimchi-ish, tasty experiments 


Our share at the food coop includes lots of cabbage and is driving us to learn about pickling and fermentation - after our first try at karışık turşu went rather well, we started some kimchi yesterday. I'm very excited, but also, where is a good place to learn more about these techniques? Do you have any recommendations?

I love it when dogs carry sticks that look much too big for them.


Ooooh, in pic4review.pavie.info (where you add info to OpenStreetMap by checking photos) you can duplicate missions. That means that… if there's a cool mission and you would like to apply it to a different place, you simply click "duplicate", change the area, and publish it. Cooool :3

selfie, eye contact 

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