Ugh, earned myself a (deserved) soft-block from an account I enjoyed following on the bird site bc I inadvertantly breached a "no unsolicited advice" rule written in the bio. Which, y'know, I haven't looked at in a year.

So fair, but man alive is it weighing on my socially anxious mind now.


Just one more downside to having accreted my entire sense of self-worth around a core of "no-one likes you for you, they only like you for what you can do for them".

But trying to be helpful to more people is not going to make more people like me! Very much the opposite! I understand this logically! I will never understand it emotionally!


I’m sorry, Matt. After the last few years, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells *all the time* & never know what’s appropriate any more 😬 - & worse, that there is no understanding or forgiveness for mistakes 😔

I try hard to believe the other person is having a bad day or a bad run - but the issue is by now we are *all* having a bad run & after so long we are in a negative feedback loop 😖

I’m so sorry, Matt. Try to realise regardless of result, you acted in good faith & let it go

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