It is two months until I start a new job working from home and I am SO EXCITED at the prospect of regular, scheduled writing time in the morning when I'd otherwise be commuting. THE THINGS I MIGHT ACHIEVE

@mattdovey Congratulations! First, and unselfishly, on the job! Huzzah - that's wonderful news!🎉

Secondly, and most selfishly indeed, on the hope of more stories coming from you over the next year and more. 🙏 😃

@mattdovey Congrats on the new job!! I for one can't wait to get some new Dovey words in my eyeballs.

@aimeeogden I can't wait to get new Dovey words out of my brain. It has been sooooo loooooong. Barring this year's WW, it's been, like... 3 years. Ugh. STUPID REAL LIFE GETTIN' IN THE WAY

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