Well, we all did really well at leaving Twitter for here, huh

(I'm plenty guilty too, to be clear)

Just one more downside to having accreted my entire sense of self-worth around a core of "no-one likes you for you, they only like you for what you can do for them".

But trying to be helpful to more people is not going to make more people like me! Very much the opposite! I understand this logically! I will never understand it emotionally!

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Ugh, earned myself a (deserved) soft-block from an account I enjoyed following on the bird site bc I inadvertantly breached a "no unsolicited advice" rule written in the bio. Which, y'know, I haven't looked at in a year.

So fair, but man alive is it weighing on my socially anxious mind now.

Twitter (the crowd) really is its own worst enemy sometimes. All of yesterday's discourse was just... unnecessary. The dog whistle was so obvious that all anyone needed to do was block it, but instead they boosted its visibility into the stratosphere. I just... am tired of seeing the cycle.

I think my favourite thing about wandering.shop right now is that I can check in every day and be done in 5 minutes. It's a much healthier balance for me.

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Bought the first two volumes of DIE for myself as a present, and holy *shit* it is the most perfectly-Matt sort of deconstructed, reconstructed, overthought fantasy, and the art is GORGEOUS

It is two months until I start a new job working from home and I am SO EXCITED at the prospect of regular, scheduled writing time in the morning when I'd otherwise be commuting. THE THINGS I MIGHT ACHIEVE

I guess we're doing intros. I've been writing short SFF since 2012, publishing it since 2016, slushing at PodCastle since 2017 (and doing the Twitter since, uh, 2018?) and as of this year, I'm now the podcast host, too. I'm also on Codex, and occasionally appear in physical form at UK cons.

I also remain perpetually unsure of the correct spelling of occasionally. Occassionally? Ocassionally. No, no that one. idk.

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"Joined Nov 2017"

And this is my first post. Whoops.

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