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Winter break, then back for Tuesday/Wednesday, then Thurs/Fri snow days and the weekend, leave me struggling to get into a "No, you DO actually go to school tomorrow!" mindset.

... which means it will certainly be the same for most/all of my students.

For my 2nd & 3rd grade classes, that won't be too bad. They see my class as recess with computers anyway, so motivating them isn't hard at all.

(Except I just remembered I have conferences tomorrow, so WHOOPS!)

For my 6th/7th/8th grade students... We're going to have to talk about project deadlines. I have given a lot of slack due to performance schedules and wonky internet but we need to get some work in to show that yes, it actually is a class where learning is demonstrated.

¡Matt! @mattamatic

@theartguy I wish one of my teachers back in the day taught me some project management basics. If I had kanban or agile skills, I might have actually done projects more than a day ahead of time.

@mattamatic My Media Arts class is handing in weekly improvements of the videos they intend to submit for our Film Festival. The ones that try handing in the same video every week... are having a hard time.