@Violet you mentioned once that the swimming works in DKC because it's simpler, and i just realized nintendo had the exact same solution for swimming in 3D Mario (i.e. Galaxy swim controls vs. Odyssey swim controls). real-life swimming sucks and should not be emulated!

@Violet TIL fixed a lot of issues from DKC, camera being a major one. swimming, on the other hand....

on the internet you're like
"ugh dont you hate it when youre washing a spoon and the water sprays in your face"
and everybody's like "haha yeah i relate to that, happened to me yesterday lol"
but there's one person who's like "actually... Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face, that is kind of my entire world... it means so much to me... and i wouldnt be here today with without it... the truth is that Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face got me through some tough times... got me through high school..."

@avie it hurts me too because i tried that same color a week ago and the paint suuucked 😿

Behold! Spider-Dog-Worm Theory! Thanks to my comrade and colleague @NormalPopsicle for assistance making it, and the original idea in the first place.

US electoral pol, propaganda 

racism, mh, social media, - 

gender talk 

gender talk 

@esvrld they should’ve cut the cameras as soon as he started drilling a hole through it

@matt boom boom boom boom, i love the day of doom. we’ll spend the night together, together in the tomb

Boom boom boom boom, my friends were all exhumed. It's nothing super fancy, just basic necromancy

video games hot take 

so many struggling artists minds have been destroyed by the parasitical worm of capitalism so that they think copyright is in any way good for them

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