if a monkey plays soccer, would they get penalized every time they kick because their feet count as hands?

[smash bros challenger screen] Microsoft Sam soisoisois into battle!

hi this is catdad here to say that the fact that the greedy nature of capitalism insists that small businesses must always be growing or else wither is fuckin toxic

open your etsy store and if you make $5/mo that's still $5/mo more than you had before and it doesn't matter if you never make more and you have to refuse orders from people.

there's nothing wrong with creating what you can and no more

thanks for coming to my ted talk

Official artwork depicting an unused scene from the "Nintendo Switch Parental Controls" video featuring Bowser and Bowser Jr. While the original video was published in January 2017, this image was uploaded to the official Nintendo of Japan website only in November 2018. t.co/O978uYR3AB

on the way to work this morning, i spotted a poster for vape juice called Space Jam and ended up spending the rest of the commute processing why it does not violate trademark

i like to play through levels named some variation of "My first level" and leave this comment

did we ever stop to think where that hidden "o" in "zoology" went

come, my lady
come-come, my lady
you’re my wonderwall, because maybe

Fred: Hey, everyone! It's a guy! (he sprints over to SpongeBob's door]

*someone who made tea ten minutes ago voice* oh fuck, my tea

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“her body and other parties” slight spoilers Show more

i saw an account on birdsite called VaporLawyer. tragically it’s not a lawyer made of vapor and/or a lawyer that represents vapors and other non-corporeal beings

there HAS to be New Car Smell Body Wash. the market and basic probability demand it so

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SpongeBob: I don't know, it hurts so bad! I can't do this!

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