SpongeBob: Oh no! I've ruined the party. (Patchy was laughing)

this is what i'm thinking as well: colon-slash without a space in the middle feels too mushy, probably because one corner of the slash is right up against the "eye"

poll: which feels better

i never played a pokemon game and i didn't know about the beatles song before i heard the cover…and yet this is still my spirit animal

did i tell anyone here about my open relationship with ryan gilliam, patrick gill, and brian david gilbert? 

Hawaii, Colonization, Capitalism 

man, it never registered in my mind until just now that “YouTube” is a pun on “boob tube”

how soon will we do what 20th century folks did and start referring to years as two-digit numbers?

“yeah i lost my twitter clout back in ‘15…”

proposing a rule 0 for promoting your work on the fediverse (317 words): 

A few months ago nonbinary person, looking like what people traditionally as a man, spoke out on a French TV, about what non-binarity is.

The immediate reaction for the public was to deride them, harrass them. The concept of non-binarity was exposed to the general French public as nothing more than a joke, than a meme. "Non-binaire" is a joke in France. And we’re alone in this. No "ally" is standing up, no "ally" is getting anybody to talk to us and even consider our existence. It harrows me.

for years this second-long shot of squidward threw me off ever so slightly and only now do i realize that squidward is missing his signature forehead creases botsin.space/@nocontextspongeb

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