Actually... If you are coming to the Nebula conference, I just added a couple of panels and need some specific voices for them. One is on vetting a freelance editor. I'm looking for a strong moderator who isn't straight, white, cis-male. (Because, that's why)

@maryrobinette I suspect you want new voices, but you can always stick me on anything you need a moderator for; you know how I love telling people to hush.

@Annalee Ideally it will be someone who is a hybrid or indie author, or potentially an editor.

@Annalee Oooo! @nessarose would be perfect. If I can just entice her to the Nebulas.

@maryrobinette hey @nessarose what if I promise I *won't* sing the beginning of Magic To Do at you if you come to the Nebs?

@Annalee @maryrobinette ::agroraphobic twitching:: One sec while I smack myself. ::smacks:: Ok. Quite interested! I will consult the Almighty Schedule and get back to you.

@nessarose @Annalee Currently it is Thursday at 3:30, but I can move it if that would make the difference.

@nessarose @Annalee Hey! I've got a primo spot for you at 1:00 on Saturday. Any other panels you want to do while you're there? And any wish list for other panelists?

@maryrobinette @Annalee Thank you, Mary. For the vetting editors panel, possibly one of the better choices (if he's coming) is Saladin Ahmed, as he's a writer but also does a critique service on the side. If you're looking for freelance editors who are fairly successful and active in social justice, Sarah Grey of Grey Editing is a good choice (though she's a nonfic specialist).

@Annalee @maryrobinette Could put a call out on Binder Full of Editors and see who pops up.

@maryrobinette @Annalee Of the panels already there, the ones I'd feel at all qualified to moderate are well in hand (game-writing and erasure). If I had my druthers and a new panel, perhaps moderating one on how to conduct historical research (what makes a credible source depending on the period, etc.) Or one advising writers who generally write fiction on how to write nonfiction for market (and grab Tempest for that).

@nessarose @maryrobinette @Annalee Is there an actual binder or is that a Romney joke? either way *clap*

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