So, I'm addicted to this game called 4thewords. It's a role playing game in which the mechanic for fighting monsters is the amount you write and the time you spend writing. There are honest to goodness quests and gear and I would say that it's a problem, but I've been wildly productive since starting it.

Anyway, here's my dashboard at which you can read a story.

And my referral code. BUCGG84743

Just realized that apparently you can only see the story if you're logged in. Sorry about that.

@maryrobinette I got into 4thewords during your class, but it's fallen a bit by the wayside--I should dive back in...

@maryrobinette Oooo--I like the sound of that! *Goes to dig up stale login info...*

@maryrobinette I just joined! Spouse was trying to get me on before but I forgot to sign up. I am a sucker for gamification.

@Annalee Excellent! I think there's a way for me to follow you. Eventually they are going to do parties so you can quest together.

@maryrobinette there are so many different mechanisms to motivate us! :-)

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