Can I just talk for a second about how nice it is to nice it is to have a place on the 'net where people read things that aren't angry?

I''ve been here a couple weeks, and I haven't even had the self-destructive urge for a while to search out the blue bird that isn't on my home screen anymore.

My traumatized brain says thanks, Shop.

This place is the first time I ever heard the term (though I am very familiar with the term 'spoons' and have actually sent that article to every member of my family at one point or another) and I really like it.

Last week we tooted proposing , a version of for mastodon.

We're currently developing the idea and thinking mid-January, which would give authors time to finish and edit their masterpieces. (At least in theory, we know how NaNo can be. 😜 )

If you're interested in a day for authors to toot pitches for their novels and hopefully catch the attention of an agent and/or publisher, please favorite or boost this toot.


Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop.

A gift exchange where you get assigned someone on Mastodon to give a gift to and someone will be assigned to give you a gift.

Making creative works as gifts is encouraged, but not required. The entire exchange is *digital only.*

Sneepsnops will be assigned on December 11th and presents exchanges on December 21st.


More info at the link

Just prepping Thanksgiving dinner while listening to Viking metal, as you do. My son just walked by and was like "Nice, mom. Very festive."

@mary_sturgeon You are an excitable rhabdomancer from the court of the Prince of Qang, where life and death may hang upon a falling leaf. Your familiar is a gluttonous barn owl.

Scrolling through my feed is so calming. I no longer dread social media 👍🏾. Instead I get gorgeous art, techie talk that goes over my head 😜, video games, writing excerpts... Rock on - thanks for being awesome 😎😃!

Gotta say that so far, this instance here is the best place on the internet.

You people are just awesome.

Here is 5 instances #under1000 : gaming
admin: @noelle : gamedevs (very new)
admin: @aras : star trek themed
admin: @guinan : photography
admin: @ambassador teaching and academics
admin: @socrates
Lets decentralize a little.

I love how many ppl on are playing d&d on Saturday night - just proves I fit in here : )

Decentralize birbsite.

Decentralize YouTube.

Decentralize Slack, Discord, Messenger, Gchat.

Federate the planet.

I have decided to take up an entirely new hobby and try my hand at some geeky cross stitch patterns. If all goes well, perhaps I'll have some photos to share before long!

I've noticed a lot of knitters around here. Things in my personal life are rough right now, and there's something soothing about knitting. I have needles and yarn, and know how to do the basic stitch. I've been wanting to start a new project. Every time I try to do a pattern, I just mess it up hopelessly. Any good advice for a good simple pattern to start with, or resources to get better at knitting?

Wednesday, huh? I'll play!

The main wip right now is a novel about a society who has lost access to ftl travel, and are now in decline due to the resources they can no longer reach. The MCs find and repair a ftl shuttle and rediscover their legacy, from libraries of lost culture to fading/malfunctioning AI systems that their culture sees as mad gods all while saving the day as the seeds of revolt begin to fracture their civilization. It's called Children of the Exodus.

Boost if you are happy to not have to constantly think about how to maximize your impact and leverage your personal brand in each and every interaction

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