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The fediverse is a profoundly political space. It is just not a headlines obsessed space. We don’t really care that Donald Trump called one of his kids a loser or whatever. That’s vapid. I would bet that Mastodon has a higher voter participation rate than Twitter or Facebook hands down. We just aren’t obsessed with constantly pointing and screaming, “Orange man bad!”


🍯 It.. already feels weird not to have our glasses on. We only got them lask week. On Friday. But we get a.. heavy? feeling on our nose when we don't. Like someone's.. pinching it. Gently.

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us pol 

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my old village lies
they decide to colour
cherry blossoms

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Imagine English having a massive linguist vowel shift for the second time only it’s like “lorge” instead of “large” and “bork” instead of “bark” #linguistics

💧 Affectionately, all my headmates are dumbasses. A lot. And I'm.. definitely including our subsystem too.

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“just bc someone’s in prison doesn’t mean they’re ‘guilty’. people end up in prison bc our society is a broken system. they deserve our sympathy”

white people: “you mean like serial killers?”

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low winter sun
the taste of hibiscus tea
filling up with snow

🍎 Pink looks.. really cool. I wish we had the skill to share xem. And Yellow. She.. doesn't think she does. And it scares me like.. it scares her. But the "ink stain" on her chest is one of my favorite things in our headspace.

🍎 On.. one hand we want to change our icon to the one we made. Us. But on the other I.. appear as the person in our icon. Here. In our headspace. And that.. feels important. So I'm resistant to it.

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negative, vent, subtoot 

negative, subtoot 


Am I.. the only one who feels like people calling themselves... "no nonsense and abrasive style" teachers or.. similar things gross?
It just.. seems like they're using teaching as an excuse to be a dick. And it.. never seems necessary.

I.. understand there's different levels of clearness and.. straigntforwardness in teaching. I try to be.. pretty straightforward when I teach. At.. least with most people. But leaving things uncoated is different from being an asshole. And it's.. usually that.

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Jorunna Parva, tiny lil underwater sea slugs what are fluffy and look like smol buns

Sadly very poisonous so no pets

Calling myself strong faced... feels weird. But it's how people keep describing me. I.. guess it's because of my cheekbones. They're not.. as visible in my drawing. The lines blend in with the.. scar lines. But they're.. very strong. I wouldn't call me angular I just.. most people draft a drawing of my face with a lot of straight lines.

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