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Marbles 🐑 @marbles24

I really do þink ðat English should just adopt ðe þorn and eð, instead of ambiguous 'th's.

@marbles24 Point in favour of ragequitting English and just speaking Lojban:

Lojban has no "th" sound at all :P

@marbles24 Digraφs are unhelpful in general. Þhough I admit I've never been sure what the difference between þ and ð is, so I'm not sure þat we need boþ.

@Terrana If you are interested in the difference: þ is unvoiced, and ð is voiced. So þ is a 'th' where you do not use your vocal chords, and ð you do. The difference between 'thought' and 'though'.

@marbles24 Ðey're very good letters, and ðe sounds ðey represent are very rare, looking at all ðe world's languages. I þink we should bring ðem back! Highlight one of the þings that makes English unique!