Booyah, new life chapter, time for new story chapters. :D These are a continuation of the Agent stories, and they also come with music this time!

@Chel @decis It's posted! Feel free to pass around/boost/etc. I wish I could just quote the post I made on my timeline, but whatever. Duplicating:

"Geek grrl Lydia has had dating troubles for years. When she finally finds the perfect girl on a dating site, said girl goes mysteriously missing. It’s up to Lydia to find out what happened, and the chase leads her to some unexpected and surreal places."

I've been a bit deficient about (sorry), as well as with my writing, lately. But I posted a new one tonight. This is another short story from the archives to tide us over.

"Geek grrl Lydia has had dating troubles for years. When she finally finds the perfect girl on a dating site, said girl goes mysteriously missing. It’s up to Lydia to find out what happened, and the chase leads her to some unexpected and surreal places."

@Chel @decis I'll see if I can post that tonight. It's in the Tales of Alchemy group, but I've been posting those individually with the new site.

The LWH story has been a bit on hold, as I've had a difficult couple of weeks, and then discovered FFXIV >_> but it's maybe 40% done, I just need to get motivation back and jump back in.

@TinfoilSubmarine I agree with the concept, but I also think the whole question of security questions is deeply flawed. If you ask people personal enough info to be static and useful, it's also good for phishing and identity theft. If you don't, most of what's left is stuff you don't remember yourself, or which can (and does) change, like the "favorite programming language". Will you remember in 5 years? :D I'd like to see user-enterable challenges on more sites.

@hummingrain Sorry :(

My wife is from Canada, and we have spent a fair amount of time lately talking about how US health insurance is basically a form of feudalism. It's a heavy encouragement to stick with even crappy jobs, and then when they just randomly cannonize you, you're stuck without.

@TheKillerOfJoy There's a ton of good advice out there for the nuts and bolts of writing a good book (outlining and such), but I guess the main thing I've learned so far is to make sure you feel good about what you're writing and how you're writing it. If that means breaking the "rules" of the billion "how to write" posts out there... so be it. It's your book, not theirs. It's easy to get lost in that stuff and lose your personal voice in the text.

Also introducing my Continuously Variable Capitalization System(tm) in the previous post...

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tfw the words are finally flowing and the story is making sense and it's happenin', it's happenin'! And then, oh man i'm tired, but i don't want to stop now, and actually I'm starting to feel some burnout, but there's so much more story to write, aaaaand boom. down for a week. 😂 (Okay, I'm trying to stop before that last step right now, but it's hard.)

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"Hi, I'm CaptainSpam, and welcome to the /dev/urandom Podcast. And now, entropy. [half hour of direct output from /dev/urandom] [ad for Blue Apron] [another half hour of direct output from /dev/urandom]"

First chapter, and part of the second, now written on the new story! Whee, getting started at last. Yay vacation.

I don't think my Victorian English is perfect, but I think it's good enough to add some interesting Doyle-esque flavor to the text. :) I might hand out what's done so far to a few people for a test-read to see if it's annoying or good.

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There are two possible reasons for "no one knows why ___" being put into in a fictional setting.

1) The author wants the element to be hidden to the people in the world and left as a mystery for the readers.

2) The author has nfi why, either.

I was writing a book earlier this year, and I was reading the last draft on my Kindle on the plane, and I discovered to my dismay that I only finished about half of it. I have an outline for the whole thing, so I know what happens, but it's still a bit of a bummer. :D I'd like to get back to it in a bit. It's YA about multiple realities that takes place mostly in Manitoba, Canada. An evolution of something I've been trying to write since I was very young, really :)

Awesome, the new Scrivener for Windows beta has a dark mode. This makes it match my Linux windows a lot better. ;) I think at this point I'm more into the Markdown+Git workflow, but it's nice to know that it's coming along and mostly working in Linux under Wine for the inevitable day that my old Mac quits working.

writing process 

This Kindle and I go a long way back. :) I bought it originally to read stuff on, and later discovered it was an invaluable part of my writing process too. I can load drafts up using Calibre and then add notes as I read in the relative eye comfort and portability of the Kindle. (Please don't judge the text on it... lol... it was a "just get something down" rough draft that I'm pretty much planning to rewrite.) It's even been rooted and screen savers replaced.

I'm looking over my notes here for the story whose writing got interrupted by Things, and it feels like something I'm really interested in reading. :) That's usually a good sign for the outline, anyway.

I'm going on vacation soon, and I suppose it's unlikely I'm going to finish this story by next weekend. So I'll just plan to post another story from the archives.

But it's coming. *sigh* Still coming. I wish I didn't feel exhausted all the time.

also anime and yelling 


Just go watch it. But not with any drink in your mouth...

The first two episodes got me laughing so hard that I was crying, and then my glasses fogged up, so I couldn't read the subtitles... haha.


@jer_ I think that, like many things in American political discourse (and a lot of the people are based in the US), we think of the past as a quiet centrist place because people simply kept their opinions quietly. There also actually used to be a middle ground. That's just spilling over into the fediverse now. It's impossible to remain quiet in the face of e.g. de-personing trans people in gov circles, so yeah... no one's quiet anymore.

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"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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