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Cross-posting this, I have been keeping a primarily Japanese language account over here if anyone is interested in conversing!


I first started studying Japanese about 20 years ago, so there's not much excuse for how bad I am at it. ^^; (Well, other than that it was all sporadic self-study.) What absorbed into my brain: kana, basic grammar. What didn't: most of the vocabulary. Ah well, I'm giving it my best try.

We have a holiday at work today, so I have been doubling down on this new story I'm trying to write. :) It's shaping up! I'm hoping I can actually start writing some story text tonight.

Two crudtons of character development down in notes. :) As I'm getting more down about this, I'm liking the idea more and more.

This morning I've been reading Arthur Conan Doyle to get some inspiration. I'm enjoying the heck out of it. It has really given me a new appreciation for the BBC Sherlock series.

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Excited today about a bunch of new Long Way Home spinoff story ideas. :D Okay brain, only 1.25 hours left in work today... focus...

Things not to do right before bed: get your brain spinning on whether it's appropriate to Latin-pluralize or English-pluralize a Latin word in an English sentence, and if you further have the right gender for the Latin word (and whether it follows the standard rules, or if it has special rules for pluralization). :blob_dizzy_face:

I just found some old writing I did back in the late 90s. I think I can say with some certainty that my style has improved since then. ^^; The prologue is like a little kid decided to write an Oscar Wilde novel (and I wasn't a little kid by that point), and the rest... is just bad. It has a few interesting moments. Maybe at some point I'll try to string them into a new narrative if I run out of inspiration.

November's story is here!

Trying this upon suggestion:
- -

This is an old short story from 2006 that I've just never published publicly. I still like it, though, and it's also a setup for two sequels that round out the arc. (Will be posting them as well, later on.)

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tech blabs Show more avatars for two of the characters in the story I recently posted. :) These are super rough, just me noodling around on my phone, but they're close enough.

The new story is here~!
The new site is here, as well. It still needs a ton of work, but it mostly contains what the old site did (some info about a few existing stories, including my book, Soar) and this new story. My plan is to start posting stories from the backlog and/or new stories once or twice per month. We'll see how that goes.

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Hope you all are well! I haven't abandoned this. :) Just had really busy days at work over the past week, and a friend visiting off and on. I'm hoping to get enough content shifted over from my old site tonight that I can get the new one launched this weekend, and I'll post a link! I have a big backlog of stories, and a new one I just finished, so my tentative plan is to start pushing them to the site once a month or so. No strings attached. Just some fun stuff to read :)

Hello, just wanted to say hi and give an . :D I've been writing stories since I was little, but in the last 12 years or so I've actually started doing it more properly. :) I've got one self-published novel, two more in the wings, a bunch of short stories, a short-lived comic-thing (re:my avatar)... I've been busy. :D Will post again when the site revamp is finished. I'm going to try to post the back-catalogue there. (And a new short story I just finished up.) Nice to meet you all!