i'm really enjoying Oathbringer so far. i like learning more about spren and the different types of Radiant. Brandon Sanderson has always done a good job giving his characters cool powers.

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i had to reread words of radiance before i started oathbringer, and i forgot how many scenes of super amazing badassery are in that book

my son will be 2 tomorrow. he just picked his nose and brought me the booger and i told him to wipe it on his pants and he wiped it on his bare chest.

rambling about kids tv 

i also really like on netflix. it's genuinely clever and funny, and is a bit reminiscent of Sesame Street, one of the greatest kid shows of all time.

i like that the robots aren't really gendered, and it goes into real explanations to answer the questions. a lot of shows simplify "scientific stuff" a bit too much, i think, even for young kids.

there is so much bad tv for young and that i thought i would share

puffin rock on netflix is one of my favorite little shows. cute, sweet stories. brave, smart, female main character. a little bit of nature education. the art is really nice too. highly recommend, especially if you have kids.

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now the "long brains" are going into the oven! 🧠🍞

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my toddler is beating on his drum in the play room while im cleaning up breakfast and i just heard, "poppy, dance! poppy! dance!"

poppy is the dog.

off to bed now to read more which i realized i was calling "oathbreaker." damn, that's totally different. haha.

a laundrypocalypse has been looming over me for like a week now. at least i got it all washed... can i summon the energy and motivation to fold and put away? :oh_no:

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