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Probably not the same sweat bee? But another one that lives on my deck. I really wish they’d hold still long enough for me to get a better photo, they’re so gorgeous

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A beautiful metallic green sweat bee just landed on my bare knee, did a vigorous full-body wipe down, then flew off. Sweet little thing

An incredible, restored video of 1906 San Francisco, from before the great earthquake

I keep checking, but to my knowledge this thing never appeared before and has never appeared since

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Ooh I have a mystery for you! Or maybe it’s only a mystery for me. Seen two years ago on a dead snag in the park - what is this? Some kind of polypore maybe?

(For reference, the cap is dinner plate sized!)

I’m noticing that having a mug of peppermint tea before bed seems to really help me fall asleep and sleep through the night (barring cat shenanigans).

I’m not sure if it’s a characteristic of the peppermint, or if it’s just the fact that it’s a soothing ritual, or if it’s because my melatonin (which I try not to take except in emergencies) is peppermint flavored and my brain makes the association and is tricked, but it’s nice.

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Yesterday morning I finally got confirmation on what kind of warbler I kept seeing/hearing hanging around high up in the black cherry tree, because it so helpfully landed in the witch hazel directly outside my window while I was having my morning coffee. (It’s a male yellow-rumped warbler)

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From birdsite 

Friends, I am looking for work opportunities. I do words: Translation (Eng->Heb), writing (Eng and Heb), and editing (both languages, with a specialty in translation editing.)

I've translated dozens of books and written and edited hundreds of articles.

didi dot chanoch @ gmail

I’m sorry but Shock Waves (1977), the underwater nazi movie, having a higher rotten tomato rating than Super Mario Bros. (1993) is some extreme bs 😤

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TIL that the USDA/USFS will freely identify up to three pieces of wood each US citizen household per year

After a long day at work, time to read about… someone having a long day at work! I’m enjoying this, it deals with the main character’s burnout in a relatable and lighthearted way, and I of course love the little fantastic elements that sneak in.

My older cat, Cinnamonopteryx, had minor dental surgery yesterday so his main preoccupation since then has been standing in the corner near his water bowl and purring loudly at the wall. He’s so high

Severance tv show musing - no spoilers 

Watched episode 4 last night, and I’m persistently getting “if Jeff Vandermeer (Authority) and Hiroko Oyamada (The Factory) wrote Being John Malkovich together” vibes

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Pro tip: if you hear a whole bunch of crows making an absolute enormous fuss about something, run outside. You might get to see a neat hawk or eagle.

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