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I accidentally uploaded this to my mostly defunct account instead. Behold! Liège waffles are delicious, and these two were eaten with a little dollop of mascarpone.

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Occasionally you’ll find people and random background in that’s gorgeously rendered. There’s no reason it has to be, and I feel like that adds to it. Someone was doing their best work here just for the sake of it.

Probably not the same sweat bee? But another one that lives on my deck. I really wish they’d hold still long enough for me to get a better photo, they’re so gorgeous

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Ooh I have a mystery for you! Or maybe it’s only a mystery for me. Seen two years ago on a dead snag in the park - what is this? Some kind of polypore maybe?

(For reference, the cap is dinner plate sized!)

After a long day at work, time to read about… someone having a long day at work! I’m enjoying this, it deals with the main character’s burnout in a relatable and lighthearted way, and I of course love the little fantastic elements that sneak in.

My older cat, Cinnamonopteryx, had minor dental surgery yesterday so his main preoccupation since then has been standing in the corner near his water bowl and purring loudly at the wall. He’s so high

It’s been two years since I logged in here, but for obvious reasons… checking in again. Hope everything is going well! Have a pretty spring blossom photo from a warmer day


I found this little fella running around on the side of the house. Looks like a rabid wolf spider, I think? Someone else’s web, obviously, though it seemed super interested in it.

A rare moment of feline camaraderie during last night’s big thunderstorm

I know this is a stretch at this point, but anyone still looking to make friends on ? This field research... 😅 (bonus we have so many gifts right now)

I hear small cat squeaking and chittering to herself in the next room, get up from my computer to go see what she’s so excited about. There are FOUR goldfinches (three adult male, one female) perched on the withered seedheads of the cone flowers and black-eyed susans by the driveway.

This is exactly why I don’t cut them down for so long after they die! :3 That, and the birds have seeded them all over my yard now which is just lovely.

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