Autism - pain, question 

So something I’ve been sort of noticing over time, it seems like oral painkillers are less effective for me than doctors seem to expect them to be, while topical painkillers are more effective. Example, I had both vicodin and clove paste given to me by the surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth, and the vicodin had little noticeable effect while the clove paste was very effective.

I don’t know if this is an autism thing, but any other autistic folks experience this?

TurnipBoy commits tax evasion is charming af. I particularly enjoy how granular and easily adjustable the difficulty settings are. I wasn’t finding it a very difficult game, but sometimes you want to just enjoy some cuteness and a little storyline, and maybe you’ll challenge yourself more later. Good on the developers for making that easy.

tom waits - g-d’s away on business 

Just keeps going around in my head today

Went on a walk to my library and picked up some masks and testing kits, and Spirits Abroad by Zen Cho. They give out four N95s and two full kits of two to anyone who walks in each day. Really grateful they’re still doing this, those tests are so expensive. County doing such a better job than country.

Found the uniqlo website’s hidden “genderless” section

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ASMR - misophonia discussion 

After listening to the full episode of Science VS. about ASMR, I really have confirmed for myself that the whispering -type ASMR makes me honestly quite nauseous. ☹️ Like, the roof of my mouth feels fuzzy, I have a headache, and I feel pretty sick. I guess it’s good to know this for certain?

The cornell bird app wants to suggest it might have been a swainson’s thrush, but it was really acting like a hermit and it didn’t seem to have any of the face striping I’d expect from swainson’s (though I think I’ve seen those here in past years too. Plus veerys, brown thrashers, and wood thrushes… all the spotty-chested brown birds)

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I’m like, 90% certain that the little round bird I just watched foraging under the bushes in my front yard was a hermit thrush...

food - baking, waffles 

I accidentally uploaded this to my mostly defunct account instead. Behold! Liège waffles are delicious, and these two were eaten with a little dollop of mascarpone.

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pop culture griping - time traveler’s wife 

The time traveler’s wife was… fine. It’s an ok book. It’s one of those books where the author tries to take a “literary” stab at a genre trope and gets sorta corny about it. I can think of so many brilliant authors whose work would better lend itself to this kind of energy. 🫤

Silly dramatic dream from last night 

I had a dream last night about a prince, Prince Vala, accidentally crossing over into an alternate reality & getting into one fight after another with the prince of the otherworld court. Until Prince Vala’s fiancé Prince Dimi, crosses over & duels with the otherworld prince too, at which point he finds out that the fights were because the otherprince thought Vala was there to kidnap his sister into marriage. But then, otherprince falls for Prince Dimi

food, tea, sadness and funeral mention 

For now however, I will dry off from being caught in a downpour while gathering stones for my uncle’s stone setting in a few weeks, and I will drink vanilla lavender green tea and think quiet rainy day type thoughts.

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food - baking anticipation 

Made up the batter today, and tomorrow there will be some Liège waffles for breakfast 🧇

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I have been passing this #graffiti every few months or so since a few years. Today I finally took a picture.

#fahrrad #cycling #fietsen #amsterdam #mastobikes

Occasionally you’ll find people and random background in that’s gorgeously rendered. There’s no reason it has to be, and I feel like that adds to it. Someone was doing their best work here just for the sake of it.

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