Session #0: The Game Before the Game

You might be thinking, "Session 0? That doesn't make any sense! The first number in a series should be one!" And you're half correct. Although the first game session should be #1, there's always some prep work to do before you start the campaign, and this is popularly dubbed in the DnD community as "session zero."


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Worldbuilding in Sade’s Music Videos

Sade (woman and band) is a fantasy artist. I wouldn’t be the person or writer I am today without their music videos, which were among my first lessons in worldbuilding. Every Sade video is a terrarium — a romantic microcosm with its own textu


The Triggering Townsend: On Writing the Actual Subject

When it comes to emotional events, I’m notoriously dry-eyed. I don’t get misty at funerals, or weddings, or graduations. I didn’t cry when my kids were born, or when my pets died. It’s not that I’m truly unmoved. I’m often a raging sea of emotions at the

The Life and Evolution of the Creepypasta

I spent a lot of my teenage years trawling through because, as is apparent to anyone who reads this blog, I’ve always been a huge nerd. Plus, a broke teenager loves free content.

As the years wore on, I started getting my horr

Look What You Made Me Do

I'm taking a look at some awesome women characters whose trauma gave birth to their unrivaled power.

My favorite thing is when a woman enacts her revenge. Whether that be on a small level, or a super-powered disastrous level, it's good to see our kick-ass ladies rule.

In Game of

Issue 045 Author Interview: Gabrielle Roselynn Dina and “The Dragon Hunter’s Daughter”

In this week's Issue 045 author interview installment, Gabrielle Roselynn Dina talks with us about all kinds of fairy tale goodness in regards to her story "The Dragon Hunter's Daughter." It's sure to add a little enchantment to

Issue 045 Author Interview: Clare McNamee-Annett and “Maeve in the Picture”

You know what this Tuesday needs? A really good vampire story. Like "Maeve in the Picture" in Issue 045! To top it all off, author Clare McNamee-Annett treated us to a lively discussion of all things vampire. Enjoy!

LSQ: Vampire stories seem to fad

Issue 045 Author Interview: Catherine George and “A Test of Trouble”

And the Issue 045 author interviews keep on rollin'! Come with us on a journey through time as we chat with Catherine George about her story "A Test of Trouble."

LSQ: Oh, time travel. Personally I always shy away from this trope because all the possible loophole

“Between Words and Pictures”: A Review of Trung Le Nguyen’s “The Magic Fish”

“To me,” says Tiên’s mother, “language is a map to help you figure out where you are. If you can’t read the map, you’re lost.” So how can Tiên, who speaks mostly English, find his way to his mother, wh

Issue 045 Author Interview: Kristin Hooker and “Inspector 36”

Ready for more Issue 045 author interviews? We're just getting started! Today we're joined by Kristin Hooker as she answers all of our questions about her story "Inspector 36".

LSQ: The automation of the workforce has been a hot topic for some time. In your story, it seems th

Our latest issue is out now!

Come help us celebrate the start of YEAR TWELVE as we share an amazing new collection of fantasy and sci-fi stories by women-identified writers!

The MCU Failed Natasha Romanoff in Endgame

Overall, Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to plot points in the Avengers movies. While given quite a few badass moments in the first movie, she did fall prey to Joss Whedon’s scantily clad badass waif-fu fav

SFF Opening Lines: Girl, Serpent, Thorn; Romanov; Wilder Girls

Welcome back to SFF Opening Lines! As a reminder, this series focuses on the all-important first line of a novel; the sentence that shapes the tone and very essence of the novel that follows those words. While a first line doesn’t have to shock you to your core, it should intrigue you enough to want to keep reading.

This mini-

This is Not Love, and the Murder of Gamora

“This is not love,” Gamora says, as Thanos turns on her. In the theater watching the scene on Vormir for the first time, in which the murderous villain Thanos with the goal of murdering 50% of all life in the universe is told that he must destroy that which he loves to receive an all powerful Infinity Stone, I thought

On the Indelible Queerness of Captain Philippa Georgiou

Warning: the following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery.

It has been nearly three and a half years since the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, when the hype surrounding Captain Philippa Georgiou—widely promoted as the first Asian captain since Hikaru Sulu and the first Malaysian i

LSQ Monthly News Flash: February 2021

February may be the shortest month, but LSQ is still jam-packed with activity! Here's what we want you to know this month:

Submissions close on February 15th, which is TWO WEEKS from today! Polish up those stories and get them in now!
Our Issue 044 circus is still open and going strong! Have you gotten your copy yet? We have both print and digital, if you like option

We Can Rebuild You: Fanfic and Character Development

As John Appel pointed out recently, writer Twitter can be counted on to have a flare up of Bad Takes and Reactions to Bad Takes like the rising and setting of the sun (just with more memes and gifs). One of the most recent takes to garner a lot of attention -- exactly as its author knew it would --

Dystopian Sci-Fi As the World Ends: Relevant Wisdom from Three Soviet-Era Works

In March 2020, life as we knew it ground to a halt. Schools closed, businesses meetings transitioned to Zoom, and people started panic-hoarding toilet paper.

I was neck-deep in the process of writing (or, more accurately, thinking about writing) my undergra

Three SFF Opening Lines and Why They’re Intriguing

I’m excited to share with you this new series for 2021! It focuses on the all-important first line of a novel; the sentence that shapes the tone and very essence of the novel that follows those words. While a first line doesn’t have to shock you to your core, it should intrigue you enough to want to keep

Issue 044 Author Interview: Katerini Koraki and “Leonardo’s Children”

Would a Luna Station circus be complete without an off-planet performance? Today Katerini Koraki takes us to another world with some Q&A about her story "Leonardo's Children".

LSQ: I love that this story is framed as if the reader is an inhabitant of this universe and knows the stories about the legendary

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