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So...someone I'm related to is >this< close to MRA-land. I tend to let Spouse deal (his side of the family), but I find myself wanting to ask: what's your definition of masculinity?

Because he clearly feels like he's being criticized, and I don't know why. We're not that far apart politically; he's big on racial/LGBTQ/economic justice, but bring women into it and you can't even have a conversation.

I has a puzzlement.

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@lizmonster Yeah. I got into it with Mr. Aggy the other day because he was criticizing one of our local political candidates who will have a newborn by the time the election happens. This after we had to give his friend a ride because dude can't take his 3 y/o with him to events. Like it's fine if you want parents staying home with their kids, but that goes for dads too. And he got very flustered and then very quiet. But I don't understand how it's not obvious.

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@Aggy_C I suppose it can be hard to see when you've been raised with it.

My family member is one of those people who takes any suggestion that maybe, just maybe, patriarchy is a bad thing, and even men suffer from it, as if the whole world was pointing at him and saying YOU ARE A BAD PERSON.

Maybe I'll buy him a NotAllMen tattoo for his birthday. 😉

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@lizmonster Mine just really has a hard time putting himself in someone elses shoes. And he does have some paranoia/conspiracy tendencies so when other folks (especially women or PoC) succeed where he hasn't he assumes they received some sort of special privilege while all of his accomplishments are only because he's good at what he does. (This effects our relationship too and is one reason I'm trying to get into a different situation instead of fixing this one.)

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@Aggy_C Oh, I'm sorry to hear this. The attitude is familiar, but I'm sorry you're dealing with it at this level.

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