Today I am thankful for:

My spouse & kid, who make my home a place of joy and refuge

Books I can return to again and again for comfort

Readers who find connection with what I write

My stepdaughter’s Pom, who put up with my amateurish puppy pets

My cats, who don’t care that I smell like dog now

And math. Because math is cool.

Hi, if you retoot that with the hashtag "introduction" (+#...) , then you might see some more feedback and shares. :-)

@EzqimoXV I did an intro when I joined a few months back, but I've been thinking with all the new folks it might make sense to do another one? Don't want to spam anybody.

Intros or interests toots are useful info that helps build community.

Should in fact be repeated "semi-regularly" precisely in order to reach newcomers that haven't seen the previous ones. That is not "spam" as long as they are serious. The one I pointed to here is very nice.

(And it is good to vary them a bit so that each new one is not exactly the same as the others.)

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