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Today I am thankful for:

My spouse & kid, who make my home a place of joy and refuge

Books I can return to again and again for comfort

Readers who find connection with what I write

My stepdaughter’s Pom, who put up with my amateurish puppy pets

My cats, who don’t care that I smell like dog now

And math. Because math is cool.

Hi there Shop!

Got a note from a reader about Newsletter #4 and how she hadn't subbed yet because she'd missed me mentioning the newsletter launch in my blog.

Which made me realize I'd never mentioned the newsletter launch in my blog.

Reason #6,984 why I will never be famous.

(Marketing's hard enough without missing the simple stuff, Liz.)


I've always been the sort of person who vents her way out of a bad experience. Snarking, screaming, crying - whatever it takes. I sweat it out, and it passes, and I can put everything in perspective again.

Dealing rn with something I can't shake off. Losing friends because they don't understand why I'm still upset. Not my choice, but venting isn't working.

Part of the problem is that the issue is ongoing. Maybe forever. Equilibrium is evasive. How do I cope?

family, politics 

So...someone I'm related to is >this< close to MRA-land. I tend to let Spouse deal (his side of the family), but I find myself wanting to ask: what's your definition of masculinity?

Because he clearly feels like he's being criticized, and I don't know why. We're not that far apart politically; he's big on racial/LGBTQ/economic justice, but bring women into it and you can't even have a conversation.

I has a puzzlement.

Coming from Witches Town I'm looking for a new instance and decided to check this one out.

Hello everyone! I hope you're nice :)

My glasses were kindly returned.

It really is amazing how disruptive it was to be without them for a day. I'm trying to figure out how to write about it. It's not a disability - my vision can be properly corrected with glasses, and I know how lucky I am to have that - but I did learn a lot about how much my vision affects how I interact with the world around me.

Among other's hard for me to hold a conversation if I can't see.

Oh hai Shop my glasses are missing & I can’t see past my nose & revisions will be fun, but Spouse & Kid are being lovely & helpful.

How is everyone?

Afternoon, shop.

*sips soda*

Despite its currently unfinished state, I've been getting some positive feedback on the M/M, low-fantasy retelling of Twelfth Night. And I have a publisher who wants to see it once I'm done.

I'll be working on that, plus drafting the first SF Western with a goal to have the latter finished by mid-May.

Trying to stay focused on the projects I know I can finish quickly.

Happy Wednesday, folks. I hope you are being kind to yourselves.

time! I'm an LA-area programmer, / / fan & hobbyist photographer. I've been for a while, but I keep meaning to look for a more specific instance for fandom-related discussions. It looks like this might be it?

Watching , & , way behind on a bunch of other shows. Favorite comics ATM are & .

In the middle of re-reading all of , currently on the chapters introducing Marius.

In response to a prompt from many:

I will not be performing April Fool's Day jokes on anyone.

I'm not a very prolific participant here, but on April 1 (as all other days), everything from me will be very much reality.

To those who enjoy pranking their RL friends who also enjoy it? I wish you a happy and entertaining day.

Hi! I just found this place. I like and Sci-fi and fantasy!

#introductions Hello everyone! I'm Luna, a 22-year-old bi trans woman from Minneapolis (she/her pronouns). I'm non-monogamous and have one long-distance partner. I love to dive really deep into new projects, to consume media waaaay too quickly, and to play board and video games! I'm currently trying to get my shit together in general. I'm new to mastodon, hello!

Hello, I'm Arrow (she/her) :anartrans_symbol: , I like:

- 🤖 Mecha, especially Armored Core, other robots are good too!
- MtG, although i don't play much anymore
- Code, when I can get it to behave
- 🎧 Music, mostly punk/folk-punk, sometimes I try to play too 🎻/🥁
- meeting new people, that's you 💖 ! My dm's are open.


Jumping on the bandwagon, since I neglected to do so when I joined. 😅

I'm Elizabeth. I'm an Australian reviewer of and . I also do some of my own. In addition to , I also enjoy (particularly nature stuff) and I'm an absolute addict.

My pronouns are she/her.

Have just boosted a bunch of introductions from people who actually seem new to help them make their way across the federation.

Hello new people!

The best things you can do to settle in are to give yourself a little time to see how things work, check out hashtags for your interests (if you use or we will probably see each other there), browse your local feed (and the federated one if it’s not a firehose).

And feel free to ask questions!

Hey all!

I’m an iOS developer. I love Apple stuff and I am a huge Nintendo fanboy. I’m trying to learn Japanese and I speak Italian. I really like how Mastodon is set up and I am excited to use it. You are all awesome.


Anyone who just recently joined Mastodon, post up an introduction about who you are, what you do, and what you like to talk about!

Hashtag it #Introductions or #Introduction ! We use hashtags a lot to follow ideas across multiple instances!

Check those Introduction hashtags to meet more new folks.

Here are two of my favorite hashtags:
- #Infosec
- #MastoArt

Other folks might have other suggestions!

#Introductions Software Dev from Australia, infosec hobbyist looking to make it more of a career. Currently works in OpenStack cloud R&D

#Introductions Just getting started with mastodon, though I created an account about six months ago.

What’s the best way to find interesting people to follow here on mastodon?


Travel photographer is what I do most of the time, also shooting stills for TV and movies when at home (Lisbon, Portugal).

Currently with my wife in the lovely island of Príncipe, in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Planning a tour of Asia before heading back home in a few months.

Long time Twitter user, giving Mastodon a try.


#introductions Hello, my name is Jon. I am a student of Nursing and Biochemistry in Florida. This Mastodon thing seems interesting... thought I would give it a shot!

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