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Aliens are monitoring our media and 98% of the internet is porn...They're not giving us anal probes; they're just trying to speak the language.
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It's officially flannel sheet season now. No more shivering when I get into bed.

Just found out "lady" originally meant "loaf kneader" and now I have a whole new book in my head about a breadwitch...

Two scenes left in this book and for every scene I write another one has to be added it's Zeno's Book Paradox oh my god shoot me...

Next project: figuring out how to sell cover copy and blurb surgeries. I don't want to do PayPal invoices...

Coffee with a fellow writer scheduled for later today. I'm trying not to caffeine pregame too hard.

*peeks at the outside world*

*slams door shut, retreats into fiction*

Odd Trundles would like to inform everyone that his nails were clipped and he HATES it, absolutely HATES it.

Jasmine tea, a timer, and so. much. work. to get done this afternoon.

Washed my face with a homemade honey scrub, the rest of me with espresso soap, now I'm hungry and want more coffee.

Things I saw on this morning's run: several socks tangled in leaves, jelly bracelets (who wears those anymore?), three banana-yellow pickup trucks (WTF?).

In a world where artificial intelligence shops for you and predicts your needs perfectly, you receive a hand gun in the mail.
#writingprompts #writing

When your writing partner sends you something and your first thought is, "I need to put that in the zombie serial..."

Just made a note to myself: "where does the corpse's heart come from?"

These are the things I ask myself during creation.

Finally made wordcount. This book is fighting me all the way.

Odd Trundles has started lobbying for dinner only a half-hour early. Perhaps he isn't feeling quite himself.

This book hates me and I have no idea where it's going. (So, as usual, then.)

Favourite typo today: "nakred". Sounds like a neologism.

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