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The Princess has gotten the Prince hooked on John Oliver videos. This is YouTube I can get behind.

Where you live power outages are common. Happening mostly after midnight. One day when you were awake, power went out again at 2 am. You decided to take a look outside. While a car was passing it illuminated the sidewalks. Then you saw them.
#writingprompts #writing

Okay. I've decided who's dead. Now I on a completely different novel.

Unrelated: I have to figure out who's dead in this novel now. This calls for more tea.

Someone in the neighborhood is running machinery at the precise frequency to make my office chair vibrate a little. This is not as pleasant as one might surmise.

I have made myself a truly prodigious amount of spicy noodles for lunch.

You may all envy me nao.

7:30 per km. Apparently I had a lot of frustration to run off. Now, I can have lunch! And tea!

The Living Room is open for Monday, folks! Come on in, the water's fine.

God, it would be so great to have my site functioning again. SO GREAT.


And, lest my hope grow too profound, both dogs are sleeping with their rears pointed in my direction. *eyes water*

It says I'm first in the queue. Maybe, just maybe, I might get this problem fixed today. *drinks more coffee* *hopes*

After a morning of fighting with image uploads, I finally broke down and put a support request in. Let's see how that fails me.

Is anyone else having image import problems with WordPress?

Ugh. After wrestling with moving from one platform to the other all damn day I have no spoons left for anything else.

Oh God, headache has just struck. Time to stretch and drink some water.


We've donated bees! 🐝​ Can you help us get to 🐐​ level?

$1 toward an Ark will help people around the world!

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