@mithriltabby Like humans, cats want the option more than the actual item. :P

@TristinaWright @kacealexander @chuckwendig @kevinhearne@mastodon.social All I get in my hair is bees, dead beetles, and detritus. I want a refund.

Odd Trundles is convinced that my morning coffee is something delicious I am withholding from him out of spite.

I always think I’m going to get all this writing done in hotel rooms during my work trips. I forget the fact that I’ll be jet lagged, exhausted from long office days, and mostly interested in the bed by the time I reach my room.

I'm shutting down for the night, my friends. You'll have to continue rubbing elves without me.

@kittychandler I feel like birbsite is the better way to solicit, er, whoops, I mean, uh...oh, hell.

No, Autocorrect, I want "self-pubbed", not "elf-rubbed", and thank you SO MUCH for that mental image...

@kevinja I think it's great when people feel invested, but it all too easily turns toxic.

@kevinja It's a great way to figure out who's toxic, though. The ones who yell at or browbeat me get tipped into the "muted" file.

Confession: the prequels killed Star Wars for me. I haven't seen the latest ones, and I probably never will.

Is it worth leaving the house in my slippers to get whiskey?

Dogs are brushed and cosseted, and I have tea. Now if only the cramps would subside.

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