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Lili Saintcrow @lilithsaintcrow

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is really a story about how harassers/abusers suddenly turn "nice" when they want something from you.

@balrogboogie Yeah, someone put that up on birbsite and it made me think.

@lilithsaintcrow The Rainbow Fish is about how abusers will turn "nice" if you give them things.

@DialMforMara I don't know that one. Do I dare look it up?

@lilithsaintcrow It's a children's book with very pretty art, but my mom made sure I knew about its dark side

@DialMforMara Oh my God, I just looked it up. Wow. That'

@lilithsaintcrow yeah, and there's a sequel about Rainbow Fish dealing with the fact that she's created a clique

@DialMforMara ...wait, first they demand she tears off bits of herself, then they get all snotty because there's not enough of her to go 'round?

I think it's supposed to be about being welcoming to new people, not Rainbow Fish only had one method for that

@DialMforMara ...this is really bleak. I'm gonna go hug my dogs now.

That book is how I learned to be wary of my peers

@lilithsaintcrow THANK you. There was always something eerie about that song!