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*clears throat* *whispers* I have moved over to

...that is all.

*clears throat* *whispers* I have moved over to

...that is all.

) Jan - Entered the mirror realm
) Dec - Exited the mirror realm, hair long and white. Started this list with no memory of that other reversed world. Did anyone see me there? Behind them as they combed their hair? What was I doing?

Odd Trundles is convinced that my morning coffee is something delicious I am withholding from him out of spite.

I always think I’m going to get all this writing done in hotel rooms during my work trips. I forget the fact that I’ll be jet lagged, exhausted from long office days, and mostly interested in the bed by the time I reach my room.

I'm shutting down for the night, my friends. You'll have to continue rubbing elves without me.

No, Autocorrect, I want "self-pubbed", not "elf-rubbed", and thank you SO MUCH for that mental image...

Confession: the prequels killed Star Wars for me. I haven't seen the latest ones, and I probably never will.

Is it worth leaving the house in my slippers to get whiskey?

Dogs are brushed and cosseted, and I have tea. Now if only the cramps would subside.

I did not expect a side effect of witchcraft to be things teleporting into my hair, but I’m not precisely surprised, either.

Guys, no, nothing was in the hat when I put it on. Or my hood. I CHECKED.

I wore a hat AND had my hood up while running. Go to take a shower, and fir needles plus a dead beetle fall out of my hair.


Exported all four of my Storifies. Where should I put them?

Okay, I SWEAR I'm getting out the door for a run. I SWEAR.

Most of magic is storytelling.

That's why I buried my teeth out in the back garden. Some day the rain is going to bring them up again and when I tell people I can conjure a garden that eats fools, they can see its grinning and hungry mouth.

And I'll be laughing with my toothless one, a summoner without peer.

Also, I have that "Teenage Suicide" song from Heathers stuck in my head, and I DO NOT KNOW WHY.