I would listen to a podcast that’s just One Complete Hour of Justin Mcelroy cry-laughing

I’m on episode 2 of Patriot (which streams on Amazon Prime) and it is just fucking stellar

Dabbing just looks like a really cool sneeze

Free NPC: A shrewd, unscrupulous, ill-mannered potion seller named Mucus Ophiuchus

Earlier I expressed my distaste for mopping and my prewife told me I have “the soft, smooth hands of a baronet”

It's cool that I have a job where I get to say the word "dedupe" because, like, what a mouthfeel that is

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Hi! This is my favorite cookbook. It’s nominally about sandwiches, but it’s got a lot of practical advice for easily making delicious things and combining them in unexpected ways. I have an approach to food that is equal parts gourmet and trash, and I feel a kindred, ketchup-positive spirit in these recipes. Treat yourself, tooters.


I’m really looking forward to spending my time off from work getting homesick for work ✨

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