Working on a collection of glass plate negatives that includes some Victorian death photos, and yep, can confirm that secondary trauma for archivists is real.

I want there to be a Bachelor season where everyone's in their 40s. The women will all be like, "Asshole, you need to convince me. I'll be by the pool with a drink."

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I now have two sets of glasses for two separate functions, being over 40 is very complicated.

The chapter I wrote today is either really good or utter garbage. 🤷‍♀️

Whew, when's the part when I get to rest for a minute...

Me: I have had such a day, I am finally home at 8:30pm and need to sit quietly on the couch before I drop from sheer exhaustion.

My kid: Immediately spills an entire chocolate milkshake on the couch and floor.

I love my current hero so, so much, but he's such a complete disaster and in many ways totally unlikable, and I worry that no one but me (and the heroine, obv) will ever love him.

Someone with ~300k followers on the birdsite retweeted me and now I have MEN in my mentions... 🙄

700 words before 10am, not bad for the first of the year...

Last night I went to bed at the usual time and my kid stayed up til midnight. It was the first time he stayed up downstairs alone, shutting everything off and going to bed himself. I feel like this is some sort of milestone!

I'd love to look hopefully toward 2019 and believe it will be easier. But it won't.

About 24 hours until we don’t have to do Christmas for another year! \o/

Possibly I should consider actually going to church at some point.

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My church has named a new rector, and... it's a woman!! Yay!

I don't want to do the "year in review" thing because there was a lot of suckage I don't care to relive, and much of it is ongoing.

I just messaged a friend that "I think it's important to have something to mourn around the holidays," so that's how this Christmas is going so far.

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