@Sionnach Yes. Sometimes mag deadlines for submission are a huge concentrator of my attention. Six hours till the sub window closes? I am on it! 😸

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Front window box (west facing) on the shed is looking great.

Also, dark towers are flowering.

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I've been on a rocky beach for the last few hours and I have to say, I LOVE rocky beaches! All those rocks and their extreme tumbling!! Keep the sand. I'm besotted with bigger things.

I just saw a seagull limping along and my troubles all seem so small now.

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It's turtle season.

Make sure to help our shelled friends off the road. Firmly grip on the sides and take them off in the direction they were already going.

Be a good turtle friend. They need as many friends as they can get.

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While I was waiting to pass some workmen unloading a trailer one of them sang "Hey Jude" at exactly the right pitch for me, so I continued, and we sang two verses together until the street was clear!

Why so sleepy, I ask myself every day lately. WHY SO SLEEPY? 🤔

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First contact


I'm an ex-Mariner now IoT systems in Node.js, embedded-C, Python and Terraform.

I write and have a novel in beta read after a very long rewrite.

My sanity-saving outdoor activity is a 25' Cape Dory sailboat soon to be launched in a new ocean area with lots of potential for exploration.

I love to chat, especially about and .

Very soon. I swear. I will write some new poetry. Vacation is just a-tiny-sliver-of-endless-time away. Tick-tock.

The very lovely and excellent Neologism Poetry has published two of my . The whole issue 60 is a solid read.

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